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#7580: It's really not all that much water, guys.

Arse Technica, the Global Warming Resource has this to say about a method for monitoring conditions under Greenland's ice sheet:
Through the GRACE satellite program, researchers have shown that Greenland's ice sheet has been losing about 280 billion tons of ice each year--the equivalent of close to 1.5 million Olympic swimming pools. For glaciers like those in Greenland and Antarctica, most of this meltwater ends up in the ocean--with already noticeable consequences for rising sea levels.
Emphasis mine, because I took their figures and did the math. How big is are these "noticeable consequences" from the melting of Greenland's ice sheet?

11 micrometers per year.

Okay? We're not talking even tenths of a millimeter, but hundredths. And that assumes that the entirety of the meltwater ends up in the oceans, that none of it evaporates into the atmosphere and ends up falling as rain or snow on land.

They try to make it sound like a lot of water--"1.5 million Olympic swimming pools!"--and if you're talking about something that's man big, then yeah, it's a lot...but in the case of an entire planet, it's not-quite-literally nothing.

* * *

There is evidence that the COVID-19 "vaccine" makes recipients more vulnerable to other coronavirii. So in other words, you got the poke for the Wuhan Flu, it makes it more likely that you'll die of COVID-20 or COVID-21 or whatever the next model is.

Or even SARS, the coronavirus from 2007.

* * *

Ladies and gentlemen, the mayor of Charlottesville. Wow.

* * *

Guess what I learned recently? Colorado has a "red flag" law. You know what that is?

That's a (n unconstitutional) law that enables police to confiscate the firearms of someone after they are warned that he might be dangerous. So, the shooting at the grocery store out there could have been prevented IF the FBI could have been arsed to tell the local cops that "Hey, that muslim guy is dangerous," because the cops could have gone to the guy's house and confiscated his firearms. No firearms, no shooting. I don't like it, but it's the law in Colorado.

FBI, as usual, let a terrorist atrocity happen because they want the crime for whatever nefarious reasons. #DefundFBI.

And the other thing? The guy bought a gun, waited six days, and then shot up the place. The waiting period failed to prevent the crime, as they always do.

Someone else brought up the point that it's impossible to find guns for sale in Colorado because so many people are buying them. How did this guy manage to find an AR-15 for sale, and how did he afford it?

* * *

Secret Service covered up a gun crime committed by a "connected" person. The SS is something of a praetorian guard, anyway; I'm not sure their loyalty to the president is always warranted, but you can't have a bunch of unmotivated assholes guarding the most powerful man in the world.

...but at the same time, they really ought not to cover up the felonies committed by people who are not, y'know, the president, nor only tangentially related to him.

Of course, since Hunter Biden is the son of a prominent democrat, he is not subject to the rules.

* * *

Biden's got 3,889 kids in cages meant to hold 250. That's a real concentration camp you've got going there, Biden! No wonder you won't let the press in!

* * *

"People who buy AR-15’s measure their dicks starting at the taint." OOOHHHH, BURN! Gee, I never heard that one before! What a brilliant satirist she is, to think of connecting gun ownership to penis size!

Gentlemen, we are in the presence of genius! I move that we all give up all our guns right now because she just cut us all right to the quick!

* * *

No, it's gonna suck. A sequel to The Last Starfighter. It's going to be a woke mess like the all-girl Ghostbusters was. Trust me.

* * *

I watched the embedded video and it looks like Robert Heinlein was the model for the villain!

* * *

Cat's got srs bsns:

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