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#7583: That took too long

So, a few hours after I read the article mentioned in the previous post, I realized what they were trying to say: if you took the containers off the ship and laid them end-to-end, the line of containers would be 75 miles long. Still not clear, still not good writing, but a lot less egregious than the mistake I thought they'd made.

* * *

I think I got bit by a spider.

Friday afternoon I had to take an item to the shipping dock, so I dutifully put on my steel-toed boots, since safety rules require them when you're traversing the production area. (Also hard hat, safety glasses, and long sleeves.) Got back to my office and took them off and resumed work, but damn my was my big toe on my right foot itching so badly? In rapid succession I scratched it with my other foot, then on the leg of the chair, then on the corner of the desk, and finally took my sock off to find out what in the HELL--

Small nick in the skin, not 1/16" across, not bleeding, but itching like crazy, which had to be an insect or arachnid bite. Looked in the boot--it was empty--then got out the sanitizing wipes they sent us for the Wuhan Flu nonsense (that I almost never use) and tried cleaning it, and then it started to ooze blood. I figured that was a good idea--get the venom out--so I kept scrubbing it with sanitizing wipes and pressing around the wound, and after perhaps two or three minutes of this, the itching went away. Put a bandage on it and put my sock back on.

I did not find anything in my boot. Perhaps whatever did it crawled out once my foot was removed from it. Perhaps it happened before I put the boot on. Perhaps it was something else. I did not find the crushed remains of anything, and my sock was completely clean, so if it was some kind of bug, whatever it was must have escaped after I took the boots off. My boots had been in the back seat of the truck for several days, undisturbed, so it's decidedly possible that something got into them and was having a merry old time until I shoved my foot in there and--angered at the intrusion--bit me.

The itching is the only ill effect I suffered from it, so it must not have been venemous. *shrug*

* * *

Last night we watched Tenet. I can't discuss it at all without spoilers. It's really good. It belongs on the same shelf with Interstellar, The Martian, and Arrival.

* * *

I did not paint yesterday.

Same thing happened that seems to happen routinely around here. When Mrs. Fungus and I have a day off, if we don't have anything scheduled, we end up sleeping. Even if I get up, she remains in bed. I'm not being critical, but if she's sleeping I don't want to start making all kinds of noise in the next room. And then when she gets up, I'm sleepy and I want to lay down again, and....

...and I don't get anything done. I think I'm just going to have to resolve to paint the damn room during the week. FFS. *sigh*

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