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#7584: Achievement unlocked: all rooms painted

Well, except for the master bath, which is so small it's more of a big closet with plumbing. Still: I got home from work, gutted it up, and did the deed, so now the master bedroom has fresh paint on its walls to go with the fresh paint (last November) on the ceiling.

...and Mrs. Fungus isn't sure she likes the color.

Me: You picked it!

Her: You picked it with me!

Me: I didn't want blue!

But of course we're standing by the paint display at Menards on a busy Saturday, which is neither the time nor the place to start bickering over what color we're painting the bedroom. I'd wanted to go with an off-white color, a hint of red in it, but she wanted "robin's egg blue" and so that's what we got. Two gallons of it, one of which now adorns the walls of that room.

Letting those two coats dry overnight. She thinks she might want a third coat. I am not painting that room a different color, at least not by myself. Or maybe we can pay someone to do it.

Anyway, it feels good to have the deed accomplished, or at least 90% of the way there.

* * *

Once the room is painted I'm moving the furniture out of the center and getting the cupola work done. (Actually, now that it's warming up outside, I can probably just continue to work in the garage.) Anyway, Thursday afternoon--after my eye appointment--I'm going to tape up a dropcloth in the tub, sand the spackle flat, and then paint the ceiling over the tub with the kitchen and bathroom ceiling paint.


I was looking-on line today and found that the machine which you use to cut the sod off the ground is called--get this!--a sod cutter. Amazing, no? Anyway you can rent them, all right, and once it's cut the sod all you have to do is move it.

But the Fungal Vale requires a building permit and inspections if you want to put in a patio. I should not have been surprised by that; they require a building permit and an inspection for a freaking decorative fence; the inspection is necessary because the post holes have to be a specific diameter and depth!


Anyway, this idea of replacing the fence has become incredibly annoying. I'll probably jump through the hoops for it because I've wanted that fence back, complete, for more than a decade, but I'm not going to enjoy it.

I had a nice idea, though: there's that outlet on the lamp post. What I'll do is remove it and run a flex conduit to an exterior outlet on the back side of the box I'm going to build around the post. The other thing I'll do is to get a small and unobtrusive spotlight--it need not be very bright--which will also be connected to that outlet, and which will shine on the house where the number plate is, thus adding much-needed illumination to the house number. And the exterior outlet will, of course, allow me to plug in Christmas lights (as I did this past Christmas).

* * *

Total control is the goal. Vaccination status is just the beginning, and it's nowhere near the end. Eventually they will want you to have a QR code tattooed on you, and in order to shop, work, dine out, see a movie, buy a car, rent a movie, TO DO ANYTHING, your QR code will have to be scanned and validated.

They will use this to control you. They have this in China right now; it's called the "social credit system" and if you SC score is too low, you don't get to do things. You can't take the train because your SCS is too low. You can't shop at that store because your SCS is too low. Oh, too bad, I know you wanted to have an appendectomy, but your SCS is too low for you to be allowed surgical procedures.

I will not take it. I will not let the government enslave me. They might do it regardless, but I will not accept it.

* * *

Here they go, trying to retcon the Wuhan Flu ship story. The cruise ship on which most of the people lived, and didn't even get sick, while COVID-19 ran through the population like, well, a bad cold. A fiver says this
"documentary" plays the whole thing as "We were all convinced we were going to die!" and plays up the handful of bad cases etc.

Nothing but propaganda.

* * *

I would bet that the FAA inspector was "accidentally on purpose" unable to get to the SpaceX Starship facility today. Fuckers.

I no longer trust any agency or agent of the federal government. AT ALL.

* * *

I, too, am baffled. 2019 flu cases: 38 million. 2020 flu cases: 1,800.

* * *

Spectacularly entitled, I guess.
It defies logic that Harris insiders thought it was a good idea to leak her tone-deaf frustrations about her lavish housing situation when millions of Americans are unemployed, homeless or unable to pay their bills thanks to the mass coronavirus shutdowns rabidly pushed by Democrats.
Oh well. Not really my problem, anyway. I mean, it is, but there's nothing I can really do about it, so there's that.

* * *

Anyway, paint--

Once that room's done, and once the bathroom is finally completed, I'm going to try to get the cupola done next. ANd once the cupola's back atop the house, the job I'm really dreading, the water filter, must be done.

* * *

My CPAP is probably going to be delivered to the UPS store tomorrow, which means I should be able to pick it up after work. According to the UPS web site it's going to be delivered late tomorrow, which means I might have to wait until Wednesday to pick it up. I'll call the UPS store to ask them if it's in; and if it is, I'll go get it. Simple, right?


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