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#7587: Well, not much difference

Eye doc looked over my eyes and didn't see anything unusual or weird. My prescription has not changed significantly, either; in fact he said that I could keep on using my current set of glasses if I wanted to.

I'll probably order a new set, but ultimately, the issues I've been having? Eyestrain, as I expected.

* * *

So, Starship SN11 flew. It did the same things that SN8, SN9, SN10 did. Except this time, it blew up before it hit the ground.

What SpaceX is trying to do here is very, very difficult and, more importantly, has never been done. The only people who have ever tried to do this are SpaceX, and they're quite literally writing the book on this kind of recovery with each test flight of the thing. SN10 is, so far, the most successful flight they've had; certainly the "go straight up, then bellyflop" part seems to be under control. They just need to stick the landing and not have the thing blow up.

The most interesting thing is that they launched the rocket in the fog. Technically, space travel is not going to become cheap and commonplace until and unless they can broaden the envelope for launch conditions. Launching in fog, for example. Or rain. Etcetera.

Anyway, demonstrating a sense of humor, Elon Musk twittled that the crater was in the right spot. Heh.

* * *

Kids in concentration camps under bridges!

Extreme overcrowding in Biden's concentration camps! Several times worse than the media squalled over when Trump was in office. Like? A facility meant to hold 250 people instead holding 5,700.

But hey! No more mean twiottles, am I right?

* * *

He's right; this is scary.

This is why it's scary. Notice that "wages" are up 5% and everything else is up double or triple digits.

Except "reported inflation", at the bottom, which is 1%.

* * *

"An election so legitimate, anyone who points out the obvious fraud must be ruthlessly tracked down and silenced."

* * *

Nope, EM drive does not work. Heating shifted the center of gravity so that the mass shifted just a little bit, reducing the reading on the scale.

* * *

Apparently the new Intel processors are not very good.

Pixy Misa discusses it but the practical upshot is summed thus: "Rocket Lake is here and it's crap." He goes on to say:
The 8-core 11th-gen die is 25% larger than the 10-core 10th-gen die, and slower at multi-threaded and often at single-threaded tasks, while using more power. It's not bad, not on the level of Bulldozer, but it's not better than its predecessor or its competition.
Oh well.

* * *

Anyway, today's big project is to put up some plastic in the bathroom, sand the soffet over the tub, and paint it. I'm feeling kind of worn out, so I think I'll have a little lie-down first--just lay in bed for a bit and rest. Tomorrow is a prearranged day off (for the holiday) and I'm going to be sleeping in, anyway, so I can start this project a little later this evening. It's not going to take a great deal of time; I figure it's maybe an hour's worth of work, all told. Maybe not even that much.

So, that'll do.

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