atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7589: OWNED, CLONED, and BONED!!!

When you're talking about how whites should take responsibility for "the system we've created" you should not cite Europe as an example of a better system than America. The context here is that whites are racist and evil, and whites need to take responsibility for their inherent racism and check their privilege.
Her: ...we should take responsibility for the system we've created.
Him: The best system in the world?
Her: (confidently) We do not have the best system in the world.
Him: Who has a better system?
Her: There are many European countries who are much better off than us.
And at that point, her fate is sealed, because Europe--particularly western Europe!--is a hell of a lot more white than America is.

I know where this is coming from. She's running her mouth talking about the prevalence of socialism in Europe, you know, things like socialized medicine and so forth.

* * *

Sleepy. And no real chores today since I got the bathroom done last night. Guess what that means.

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