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#7591: It's actually not at all surprising.

Hispanics oppose Biden's immigration scheme.
Similar to surveys in 2020 that showed Hispanics' support for a strong response to the Black Lives Matter riots, Hispanics' reluctance to support open borders shows several cracks in the Democrats' multi-racial coalition. Many Hispanics, third generation and up, are quite assimilated and respect the figures like Cesar Chavez, a strong proponent of immigration restriction.

His legacy lives on in many Hispanic Americans who maintain skepticism of immigration on economic grounds. The realignment that took place at the Southern border in a number of traditionally Democrat-controlled counties is the strongest manifestation of this trend. Most Hispanics aren't down with the left modernist agenda that has engulfed other factions of the Democrat Party, thus making them ripe for a national populist message.
The thing is, third-generation hispanics are all people who are born citizens, and they have a vested interest in things like the price of labor and the general perception of their ethnicity.

Every time there's a story like "illegal alien, driving drunk, mows down a family of four" or "illegal alien sex predator commits another rape" it makes hispanic citizens look bad. And the hispanics who are born citizens don't want an illegal alien to price them out of a job any more than whites or blacks do. And as far as the burn-loot-murder thing goes, hispanics have just as big a desire to live in safe and sane neighborhoods as whites do, rather than the "little Mogadishus" that seem to crop up wherever BLM has one of its "mostly peaceful protests".

So, yeah, not surprised by this. The only people who would be surprised by this kind of news are the ones who think that all minorities are so dumb that they can always be conned into voting against their own self-interest by promising them ever-greater piles of free shit.

* * *

Good; it was an abomination. Lady Liberty, "taking a knee", with her right hand raised in the socialist fist.

That's the little-known sidebar to that "black power" salute, you know. In a world with a slightly different history, the "black power" salute would be the arm raised, hand flat, at a 45 degree angle, a gesture used by a certain German political movement in the 1930s....

* * *

They can make teeth regrow but it's just the earliest experimentation with the process. Not nearly ready for humans.

Still: imagine having a tooth pulled, after which the dentist gives you a couple injections...and a new one grows in.

* * *

Apple has, of course, come out against requiring a government-issued photo ID in order to vote, because it's somehow "racist" to expect blacks to be fully competent members of a first-world economy where the average adult needs to have a government-issued photo ID to do a great many other things.

Like? Oh, buy an iPhone.

When the left talks about how laws meant to prevent vote fraud are "vote suppression", they're actually talking about the suppression of fraudulent votes.

* * *

Certain boycotts work better than others. Movies that trash America do poorly in America, but Hollywood has a global market, so Hollywood couldn't care less what Americans think of their horseshit.
Have you noticed just how much every popcorn fodder movie is the exact same piece of generic shit?

It's because Hollywood no longer makes movies for America. They make movies for the global market and they need shallow characters with dialog that is easy to dub or subtitle in a foreign langue without much lost in translation.
Which is why your average made-for-TV anime series has twice the plot, subplot, and characterization of any three American franchises put together.

I'm trying to think of the last movie I saw which entertained me even a quarter as much as my recent (repeat) foray through El Hazard, and I'm drawing a blank. The Marvel superhero movies are full of spectacle, but what character development is there? Whose performance was so critical to the movie that, without it, the whole thing would be diminished?

Simple fact is that none of the people in Avengers: Endgame was critical. I like Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, but to be honest there are probably several other actors about his age that could have played the character as well, had they been given the nod, and I would have had the same impression that I have of Robert Downey's Tony Stark: "So-and-so was the only possible choice." The only thing that Downey brought to the role that could not be supplied by half a dozen other actors is the versimilitude his addictive past lent to Stark's drinking.

Watching The Last Jedi, none of the new characters had any personality. The only really good performance in that movie was Mark Hamill's. reading the linked post, I have to agree with his prescription, you know?

* * *

So, the mexican place is finally open for dining in, and in my exuberance, I made a rather big mistake.

With the nachos supremos, Mrs. Fungus asked for a side of jalapenos. And I was sitting there shoveling nachos into my fat yap and occasionally adding a slice of jalapeno, because yummy...but there's a bit of a problem with that.

Mouth: Hey, it's spicy and tasty! I like this!
Stomach: WTF I'm already filled with acid, I don't care.
Stomach: Heh. Weenie.
Small intestine: OW OW OW WTF WTF okay, at least that's over--
Large intestine: Don't you dare push that stuff on me! No! Send it back!
Small intestine: It's way too late for that and I had to put up with it, so you'd better--
Large intestine: Nope! Not gonna happen!
Small intestine: Take it! Dang it, take it! You think I want to hang on to this stuff?
Large intestine: Not my problem if you're too stupid to tell Stomach where to shove it. I'm not taking it!

...and back and forth for a couple hours like that. In the middle of the night.

I got up and had some antacid, though the real trouble was further downstream, and it did help a little bit. What I don't understand is how inconsistent all this is. It doesn't always happen. When it does, though, I feel like the Suez Canal, last week.

I have the same issue with Popeyes' spicy chicken. Sometimes it's just fine, others--well, like above. It's not limited to any one type of hot pepper but it's also not a perennial issue. I don't seem to have the problem with green salsa at all, so that's a plus.

On the plus side, things eventually calm down and everything functions normally again.

* * *

Supposed to hit 74 tomorrow. I'll believe it when I see it but it'd be a nice change of pace from the unseasonable cold we've had over the past week. It should not be getting down into the mid-20s at night, dang it.

* * *

So, one of the batteries for my Harbor Freight drills died while I was stirring paint. Ran the drill flat-out for at least a minute trying to get the bedroom paint mixed; when I let go of the trigger, the drill wouldn't go again. So I went and got the other battery, and finished what I was doing, and put the depleted battery on the charger.

Well, it wouldn't charge. The charger kept flashing the "bad battery or charger" code.

Next day, ended up hitting Harbor Freight since I was pretty close to the neighborhood (to get my CPAP). Batteries were on sale, so I bought one.

--side issue, did you know that the stupid Wuhan Flu thing has made nitrile gloves a fuckton more expensive? They're like twice as much now. I went there specifically to get a couple boxes of the things, was able to get one box (that's all that was left in my size) and I paid seventeen dollars for the box. I could have bought the heavy-duty ones for $25 a box. Shit.

Bought gloves, battery, and a packet of zip ties because the Jeep was making an awful rattle on acceleration. I stopped to look under the hood and discovered that the radiator overflow hose had busted loose and was flopping into the radiator fan, which had already shaved off a good chunk of rubber from the thing. A few zip ties later, in the parking lot at the store, and the hose was secured in place again, and that rattle I've been hearing since the new exhaust went in (and which was only partly cured by the removal of the loose bit from the undercarriage) is now completely gone.

Anyway, got home, put the new battery on the charger, and took care of other things. Once it was charged I--for grins--put the bad battery on the charger...and it charged normally, all the way to full charge.

Me: Typical.


Oh well. No harm in having three batteries, I guess.

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