atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7592: Progress

So, after coming home from work, I hit the garage like a flaming sack o' crap and got the trim pieces cut and joined together. Glued and screwed into one piece, though I may have to take it apart and re-glue because at least one joint feels flimsy. We'll see.

Once it's sturdy, I'll sand it and paint it white, then start assembly of the cupola into a coherent whole. Then I'll take it apart again, haul the pieces up to the roof, and reassemble there.

Anyway, once that was done, I turned my attention to putting away the snowblowers and getting the tractor running. That also did not take very long. Then it was just a matter of tidying up and putting things away, which I did.

My original intention had been to try pulling the starter motor out of the motorcycle, but I changed my mind and decided that carpentry would be easier. It probably was not, in fact, easier, but at least I've gotten the cupola one step closer to being complete.

* * *

White liberals think blacks are too stupid to understand the concept of "driver's license number". Yes, the democrat party is inherently racist.

Party of the Confederacy, the KKK, and Jim Crow, right there.

* * *

Tell me again how fucking great Apple products are. Every time Apple comes out with a new product, just about, there ends up being a class-action suit brought by its customers over this or that problem with their products. Just about every time.

This time? Apple's attempt to make a laptop keyboard that's as good as the one in a $500 Dell Inspiron.

* * *

Pence does not have what it takes. He's not a fighter. We don't need another George Bush.

* * *

Black on asian hate crimes are no big deal, I guess? The American left's new passion for stopping "anti-asian hate" is meant solely to be another club with which to hit at white people. They're not saying a damned word about all the black-on-asian hate crimes which are actually being committed, preferring to focus on the mythical anti-asian racism of whites.

The democrats are bringing back Jim Crow, only this time it's in reverse.

* * *

China can't really cause too much trouble without getting the USA wholly pissed off at it, which is bad for them.

* * *

Seems like half the Internet is running at dialup speeds. No idea why.

* * *

Anyway, yesterday was Easter. Had the mother-in-law over for dinner. Ham, au gratin potatoes, asparagus, sicilian chicken; brownies and banana walnut bread for dessert. It was all delicious.

The ham was totally not salty, either, which was fantastic.

Watched The Ten Commandments and enjoyed having company over. It was very nice.

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