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#7596: Ham and bean soup!

Had to glean prior entries to find the instructions, it's been so long since I made it:
I got this recipe from my mom. It's actually meant to be something you can throw together in about an hour, using a ham steak and a few cans of great northern beans, some onion, green pepper, garlic, and soup stock of one kind or another. Most of the hour was spent simmering so the flavors could marry; it was good, but it always was a bit thin for my taste. Making it in the crock pot, from a ham bone, water, dry beans, and so on--that makes for a rich, hearty soup. (I was laughing as I ladled out some this evening, after work, because it had the consistency of gelatin after sitting in the fridge overnight.)

That 15-bean soup mix (minus the packet of stock or whatever the hell it is) is perfect for this, too. Put the ham bone into the crock, dump the dry beans on top. Add chopped onion and green pepper, and a generous dollop of chopped garlic. About half a teaspoon of black pepper, then fill the pot with enough water to cover the ingredients. Turn it on "high" for about six hours. Fish out the bones, dice up the meat. Serve with Marconi's Italian bread (AKA Ginzo bread).
That recipe. Yeah. Well, we had a ham last Sunday, and I ate ham sandwiches for lunch all week, and for the most part it was down to the bone, so everyone here knows what comes next.

I still find it kind of amazing that I can make food from scratch out of simple ingredients. The only thing in this recipe which is pre-processed in any way is the ham, and it quite literally does not matter what brand or kind you use as long as it's got bones in it. (And to be honest? You could make Mom's quick version with SPAM and it would still taste good.)

Anyway, six to eight hours from now--but in maybe three hours the smell will already start making my mouth water.

* * *

100% typical marxist behavior. One of the founders of Burn-Loot-Murder, an avowed Marxist, just bought a home in a tony white neighborhood of Los Angeles. The home cost $1.4 million.

*shrug* The hypocrisy is not even interesting any longer.

* * *

I don't see the harm, but then again it's not my rocket. SpaceX formerly transmitted all its mission telemetry in clear, including video and audio; but now they no longer do that.

Kind of a shame; I'd like to be able to watch a video feed from the boosters etc without idiot commentators. Still, "not my rocket", you know? And even if I had known this was possible to do (prior to the emplacement of encryption) there's a pretty good chance I wouldn't have done anything with the knowledge.

* * *

An occasional treat for myself? Blue Diamond almonds, wasabi and soy sauce flavor. I really like them. I wish I could get cheaper nuts with that flavoring; this shit is $6 a can on sale ($1 an ounce) and don't go very far.

I still miss the wasabi ginger flavored potato chips.

* * *

This "caturday" pic at Majorgeeks made me laugh out loud, mainly because I've seen that dippy look on cats' faces before.

* * *

I played Diablo II for eight years. I've played WoW longer--since late 2008, making it 13 years so far--but D2 was the major game for me from its release in 2000. I am, therefore, looking forward to playing it in this remastered version.

Esp. since the voices, music, and sound effects are reportedly unchanged. "You now speak to Ormus." "Damn it, I wish you people would leave me alone!" And so forth. If you played the game, you know.

* * *

This dog looks really guilty, all right.

"Why is my dog buzzing?"

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