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#7599: Front and sides cut!

So, I did it: came home from work and went right outside and cut the front grass, and the sides. Did a few other minor chores outside, with the result that it's 6:45 and I'm sitting here, sweating.

* * *

The econazis will argue that it's because people have a choice not to buy electric cars. Because electric cars are not ready for prime time. And because the grid is not ready for us to replace 275 million cars with electrics.

* * *

Of course it's the ACLU.
The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) published a report alleging 21 million Americans do not have identification. The report also cites the left-leaning Brennan Center for Justice, which purported that as many as 25 percent of blacks lack government-issued ID, compared to just 8 percent of whites.
So tell me, how do those people do anything? I mean, how do they buy cell phones, or have jobs, or cash checks, or--basically--do anything that requires them to participate in the economy? How do those people get anything from the government? Are none of them on welfare? Do they use cash for every last economic transaction in which they participate? And if so, where does their money come from? How do they get money without cashing checks or having a bank account into which the money is directly deposited? Do they buy and sell things for cash, and never involve a bank or a currency exchange or an employer? Are these the hyper-rich who have people to handle the money for them?

The simple fact is, if you do not have some kind of government-issued photo ID, it's because you're either a criminal, or incompetent. The barrier to getting a government-issued photo ID is extremely low and I have trouble believing that twenty-five percent of black people don't have one.

The idea that requiring a photo ID to vote is "racist" is pure idiocy. It implies that black people are incapable of getting photo IDs. This dovetails neatly with the democrat assertion that black people can't walk and chew gum at the same time, but since they're the party of the KKK and Jim Crow that's not terribly surprising. I have a little more faith in the black community than democrats do; I think most of them are rational economic actors who are perfectly capable of obtaining a government-issued photo ID--and to think otherwise is perilously, incandescently racist.

The solution, though, to the left's objections is pretty simple:
Across all 50 states, the average cost of a government-issued ID is $6.33. So, getting an ID to the folks who need one would only run to $132.9 million. But, as the ACLU notes, there are other costs for things like document fees and travel expenses, which average an estimated $125. Assuming all 21 million people need that covered too, good 'ole Uncle Sam can cover that cost as well by shaking the giant money tree over at the Federal Reserve and getting us $2.6 billion.
Three billion dollars is 0.075% of the annual federal budget. That's not even a rounding error.

* * *

But of course, if everyone has a photo ID we can ask to see them before people are allowed to vote, and this becomes impossible. 400,000 absentee ballots cast in Georgia, but no one can show where they came from.

* * *

NSFW because it's Oglaf but the "hot fungus babes" usually don't look like that. Sorry to disappoint.

"Yours was a male."

"It don't matter when it's Arcturian a hot fungus babe!"

* * *

Well, I am pleased to say that cutting the front grass did not reduce me to a heaving, panting pile of goo, so I must still be capable of physical activity. I guess that's something.

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