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#7601: "C'mon! Jiggling gelatinous cube breasts HAS to be a shenanigan!"

The latest notebook is setting a new record for insanity. The title of this post is one of the silliest lines, but probably not the silliest.

The Guy from Disney fired the writers, so everyone has to ad-lib. It started with Hot Dog Man telling an anti-joke ("Selenium walks into a bar...") and then Chicky and Chacky (Hot Dog Man's girlfriend, and her best friend) try to tell a joke, staring wide-eyed at the reader and spraying flop sweat:

Chicky: Chacky? Chacky! I'm...unhappy! With Hot Dog Man! He said I'm! Big-boned!
Chacky: Wow Chicky! How could he! Say something! Like that!
Chicky: I know! He should know! Chicken nuggets are! Boneless!
Guy from Disney: WTF

...and in the middle of the panel Chicky and Chacky are looking at each other, still fountaining flop sweat, and in tiny text Chacky asks, "Now what?" and Chicky replies, "IDK"

And every time I see this I laugh.

Later, Boris and Rathad are up to their usual dungeon crawl and Rathad casts "Otto's Irresistable Dance" on Boris, right before breaking into song. Guy from Disney yells about it so Rathad says, "Well, you told us to ad-lib, so I thought it would be a good time for a number!"

Maybe I need therapy or something.

* * *

Dan Rather better put some ice on that burn. "You've spent 60 years being a professional liar." Got to love it when a sitting politician says that to a fucking reporter.

* * *

Disney does not want to produce content for "white Christian trash" and they say so in so many words.

The quality of the story? Completely unimportant. What is important is whether or not the story ticks all the boxes on a diversity checklist.

Well, I'll tell you what: if they keep it up, they won't be making any content at all, let alone stuff for "white Christian trash".

* * *

Every time I read an article like this it makes me consider hanging up my blogging spurs. Because while it's just saying something I said a few days or weeks ago, but it's saying it better than I did!
If the Weathermen had had a motto (other than that stupid Dylan lyric), it could've been "Everything that is, is wrong"... but they were a political cult, not a serious mass movement. Your average 2021 "conservative" would be far too radical for a Sixties hippie commune. "I mean, sure, you guys are growing your own hemp and sleeping around, but where's your drag queen story hour? You even have separate bathrooms for Moonbeam and Wavy Gravy. Bummer."

This is because the Sixties hippies grew up in Leave-It-to-Beaver-world. They all came from nice, solid, two-parent families in the 'burbs. They had seemingly endless social capital to burn through, in other words, which is why the bra burners of 1974, who thanks to their husbands' good jobs had the free time and money to play radical politics, were running the PTA bake sales in 1994.
It's been forty-seven years since 1974, though, and that social capital is gone.

* * *

Well, it's Thursday, thank all that's holy. Tomorrow's Friday. If I can manage to get through Friday, then I can relax a little on Saturday...I hope.

They're saying "snow" for Tuesday, though.

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