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#7602: Still not gonna take it.

"The flu has mysteriously vanished while the number of people who got covid was within the normal range of the number of people who get the flu every year."

Interesting how the flu has almost totally disappeared this year, yet we have a different disease which has exactly the same symptoms.

No shot for me, thanks.

* * *

It will cost $1.7 trillion dollars over its lifespan, it took 20 years to develop, and it's junk.
Now, Russia will get 76 aircraft at a 20% reduction in cost, with better engines, hypersonic weapons, electronics, improved stealth and general finish. And the Su57 will cost about $35 to $40 million each compared to the 138 million of the 35B or the $300 million of an F22. One reason for the discrepancy is that US companies expect the taxpayer to pay R&D and developmental costs, which are added to the flyaway cost. Of course, the companies use that R&D for lucrative commercial projects as well.
The newest aircraft carrier in the Navy, USS Gerald Ford, can't reliably launch aircraft, and it can't handle the F-35 even when its catapults are working.

* * *

When you need to be able to push software and image computers, and the system that handles all that is not really working? You can't get much done. When 90% of your pending tasks are "image computer" and "install software"?


* * *

Today's notebook:
Hot Dog Man is talking to Chicky.

HDM: "Would you really dump me for a bratwurst?"
Chicky: "No way! They're all garlic!"
Bratwurst: "Mebby you wanna tell me dat to me FACE, wot?"
Chicky: "Get lost, you creep!"
Chicky's father (holding a smoking shotgun): "Hit the road, Jack, unless you want MORE!"
Bratwurst (now with a hole right through his forehead): "Strudel?"
HDM: "He's--he's DEAD!"
Chicky: "Daddy!"
CF: "Only good bratwurst is a dead one!"
Random Martian: "Oh, wow! I'll get the sauerkraut and mustard!"
HDM: "You're gonna EAT him?"
Chicky: "This is SO embarrassing!"
There are two reasons the bratwurst says "Strudel" before expiring.

The first is that in the spy movie Gotcha! there is a scene where Anthony Edwards gives a German spy the strudel which he (erroneously) thinks contains secrets, because he's watched too many spy movies."What is this?" She asks.
"That's the strudel," he says.
"Strudel?"</blockquote>...and then she's shot by a sniper and dies.

I made a joke about the word "strudel" being a "killing word", kind of like in Dune, but what really cemented the joke for me was this Monty Python sketch which shows Mozart introducing various famous deaths. One of them is a request from an audience member, and it shows Graham Chapman as an average Englishman sitting and reading the paper, when he looks directly at the camera, says, "Strewth!" and dies. "Strewth" is enough like "strudel" for the purposes of one of my running gags. That's the second reason.

* * *

Well, it's Friday evening.

Last night I decided to make another omnibus disk. I've listened through the Kansas and Alan Parsons ones in my truck too many times, so I thought it would be a good time to make the ELO one I've been thinking about. On impulse, I also grabbed the Moody Blues and Steve Winwood disks.

I had to cut a few tracks, but they all fit on one CD once they were compressed into MP3s. I bragged about it to Mrs. Fungus, showing her the big stack of CDs I'd just fit onto one disk. Her: "Nice! Are you going to throw them out?"


Anyway, so I got the following albums on one CD now:
A New World Record
Out of the Blue (ELO)
Discovery (ELO)
Time (ELO)
Secret Messages (ELO)
Balance of Power (ELO)
Long Distance Voyager (Moody Blues)
The Present (Moody Blues)
The Other Side of Life (Moody Blues)
Sur La Mer (Moody Blues)
Back in the High Life (Steve Winwood)
Roll With It (Steve Winwood)
Though I did have to clip out a few tracks to make them all fit, they were tracks that I never liked or listened to, anyway.

Those first three ELO albums--Christmas of 1980 I asked for a stereo, and got one; I'd also asked for a copy of ELO's Discovery. My brother gave me ELO's A Box of their Best which was composed of those three albums. It was four LPs, of course, since Out of the Blue was a two-record set. So when I listen to those, that's really going back into my past. I liked ELO before I liked either Kansas or Alan Parsons, FFS, and I got those albums forty years ago.

I suppose the next step will be to get a stereo that can handle a USB stick, then cram it full of all the music I've got and leave it permanently plugged into the USB port; but that's a little more spendy, anyway.

* * *

So, it turns out that you can get a dual fuel carburator for small engines which allows you to switch between gasoline, and something else like natural gas or LP or propane. Amazon sells them for like $30-ish.

So I thought--how hard would it be to get a generator, then toss one of those carbs on it? The thing is, when the fireplace was being put in, Dad had the installer run a gas line to the patio, because he was thinking of getting a gas grill. Well, that pipe is still there, and I could (theoretically) hook a hose up between that pipe and a hypothetical generator, and run it off natural gas rather than have to maintain a tankful of gas plus gas in cans blah blah blah etcetera. But "dual fuel" means you don't lose the ability to run it on gasoline.

Given the generator with the appropriate modification, then, the next time we had a multi-day power failure, I could run the refrigerator and a couple of fans, and maybe even keep the modem up and computers turned on. Heck, with the right wiring, we could even run the furnace.

In an extended power failure, that would let me run the thing as much as I wanted, even if I couldn't get gasoline (as long as the natural gas was working, anyway) and keep the cold stuff cold. Also, run a microwave. I'd be limited only by the capacity of the generator, but you can unplug the fridge long enough to run the microwave, FFS.

All this came out of the revelation that there are now commonly available turbochargers for lawn mower engines; I wanted to see what else you could get. Turns out you can get a lot of neat things for small engines.

These dual fuel carbs are even made for Harbor Freight engines!

* * *

Arm continues to improve. As the days pass, the time between twinges gets longer and longer. I've got a lot more grip strength than I had even on Tuesday.

* * *

Well, anyway, that's about it for now.

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