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#7605: I don't even need lettuce any longer

See, the tacos I make at home blow away any tacos I've ever had anywhere else. Lettuce used to be necessary, but now it just gets in the way, so I don't bother.

For the meat, 85% lean hamburger, about 1.25 lbs, prepared with Chichi's taco seasoning mix.

Taco shells--I use Ortega, and follow the directions on toasting them in the oven for the perfect crunch. A decent layer of sour cream in the bottom, then the meat on top.

Add cheese--must be quesadilla/chihuahua/whatever it is (it just says "queso" on the package). That white mexican cheese, shredded. The finer the better.

Lastly, a decent mild salsa verde. I use Herdez, but whatever you want.

This doesn't really take any time to make--20 minutes?--and as I said I have never had tacos that I liked more than these.

...and then I use the leftover taco meat to make quesadillas later on. Woohoo!!!

* * *

So, the big news story in Chicago is that a 7-year-old girl caught six bullets meant for her father, and died, because her father was shot at by a gangster who had the trigger discipline and the aim of an Imperial Stormtrooper.

Of course the usual suspects are now out there wailing about "violence" and conveniently not mentioning the fact that the violence in Chicago is almost universally GANG VIOLENCE.

Most of the people on the news wailing about it are partly responsible for the daily horror that goes on in the city at the hands of gangs, because they do everything they can to hobble law enforcement's ability to do anything at all about the gangs...because racist.

Chicago PD has a database of gangsters, but they have to stop using it why? Because it's full of black and latino gangsters, that's why, and not many european gangsters, and that makes it racist. Even though the population of gang members in Chicago is largely black with some latino mixed in, and a vanishingly small number of whites.

Chicago PD arrests black gangsters for committing crimes, and that makes the police racist because they don't arrest just as many white people for those crimes.

Meanwhile, the courts are letting gangsters walk free rather than making them front bail, because of course it is racist to expect a black gangster with a list of priors longer than his arm and with four current counts of felony assault etc to come up with bail money.

The real problem with the black community is that they do not seem to realize that, by insisting on alleviating these "racist" policies, they are protecting the people who hurt them the most.

The reason that white communities don't have the problems with gangs that black communities do stems from the fact that the white communities don't put up with that shit. If someone is walking around with an illegal gun, whites want him put in jail ASAP. No one complains about the white murderer getting carted off to jail.

And, critically, no one stands up for him if he gets shot resisting arrest.

Here are four examples but they're not the only four. In every case--EVERY. SINGLE. CASE.--where the story of a black man being shot by police hits the headlines, every time, reliable as the tides, the black man got shot because he resisted arrest.

Okay? You don't have someone like Clarence Thomas walking along, minding his own business, when the racist cops drive up and shoot him in cold blood. What happens is that a black person with a good long list of prior offenses gets stopped by police for an unrelated matter, and then--when he's told he's under arrest--he tries to escape. He fights. He goes for a weapon.


In the wake of the George Floyd fiasco, Cops--a very successful series!--was canceled. Not because of "sensitivity" or anything, but because every episode showed exactly the same thing over and over and over again: car driving down the street with no headlights. Or runs a stop sign, or something minor. Cop stops the guy and it turns out he's black. When they run his ID, they find there's a warrant for his arrest. And nearly every time, the guy tries to escape, or fight, or both.

That's if he stops at all. Half the time he just tries to outrun the police in whatever jacked-up hoopty he's driving, and fails.

The people that the "community organizers" are instigating riots over, they're not role models and they're not innocent victims of a racist system. They are criminals, and further they're criminals who resisted arrest.

* * *

Why are little girls at a drag show? Why are their parents taking them to such an event, let alone having them participate in the show?? Why has DFS not been called on these CLEARLY INCOMPETENT PARENTS?

* * *

Today was a day, but it's done, and now I can relax. Especially now that I had tacos!


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