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#7611: The problem with satire.

If done too well, it becomes indistinguishable from the truth.

The article has, in fact, been confirmed to be satire, a piece originally submitted for publication over at Babylon Bee, and that confirmation is here. But absent that confirmation, I wasn't sure myself.

Go figure.

* * *

Yesterday was enchilada day.

Three pounds of boneless-skinless chicken breasts, sliced into strips about 1" across, laid across the bottom of the crock pot. A layer of slivered onions and sliced jalapeno and topped with green enchilada sauce. Another layer of chicken, onion, jalapeno, and the rest of the green enchilada sauce. (Big can of it.) Put it on "high" and walk away for five hours.

Remove chicken and get as much of the onions and jalapenos as possible out with a slotted spoon. Shred chicken/onion/jalapeno mix, add some of the juice from the pot to make it moist. 13x9 pan, greased; wrap chicken in tortillas and put them into the pan. Ladle some juice over the top, not much is needed, just enough to moisten the tortillas. Top with generous amount of chihuahua (quesodilla) cheese, sprinkle on chopped green onion and pickled jalapeno slices. Bake at 350 for about half an hour.

Serve with sour cream and your choice of salsa. Try not to eat the whole pan at one sitting.

I used two jalapenos and probably could have used four.

* * *

It's all political theater. He's going to give in after a heroic stand, which is being made only because he's a democrat senator who probably needs a bump in his poll numbers.

* * *

So, vaccination against the Wuhan Flu--

It does not keep you from getting the virus.

Norway says at least one of the vaccines is more dangerous than the disease it purports to prevent.

* * *

Arse Technica article really downplays the good news about Chernobyl. Gets one thing totally correct: "Chernobyl is generally recognized as the worst nuclear accident on record, directly killing 31 people and causing widespread contamination in Eurasia." That's true.

But they follow it up with, "It's estimated that thousands of people will eventually die earlier than they would have due to the cancers caused by their exposure." Chernobyl took place in 1986 which--by my math, verified by the Windows calculator app--was thirty-five years ago. Now, scientists and engineers who worked at Los Alamos during the war, and who were exposed to radiation of uncertain types and quantity, started to develop cancer 35-40 years after the Trinity test. Some sooner, some later, depending on what work they did and where they did it.

I have a feeling that anyone in the contaminated area who dies of cancer will be counted as "due to Chernobyl" regardless of the cancer type or cause, the same way anyone who dies of a cardio-pulmonary condition who lived with someone who smoked a cigarette once is counted as a "tobacco-related death". Oh, and that guy who died in a motorcycle wreck got counted as a "covid 19" death. Remember that?

You can't know how long someone would have lived if he hadn't died of whatever killed him; that's ridiculous. Even more ridiculous is assigning a cancer death to Chernobyl when his cancer has some other obvious cause. If someone who was born in 1986 in Pripyat dies in 2036 at age 50 from lung cancer, is it due to Chernobyl or his two-pack-a-day habit? If he lives to be 75 and dies in 2061 of pancreatic cancer, is that really because of Chernobyl?

People die at young ages of cancer, too. Is there a statistically significant increase in cancers among the cohort of people who were children in Pripyat during the flap? How do the current statistics for cancers for the 1986 population of Pripyat compare to the statistics for unaffected areas in the same time frame? Of the Soviet Union?

The article doesn't go into any detail about that. Part of it has to be scope, because that article is not meant to be a thorough discussion of the hazards associated with nuclear power, but I wonder if anyone has even bothered to look at that information?

I'd wager that the answers that came from an honest study of those statistics would bear out radiation hormesis, the idea that there is a threshold of exposure beneath which absolutely nothing happens to you.

Which, by the way, that article points to.

* * *

WAIT YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO STOP AFTER BIDEN WON heh. Enjoy it, asshat. You asked for this.

* * *

"Felony embezzlement"?? Over a video tape? There are a lot of charges which would make sense in that kind of case, like "shoplifting" or "misdemeanor theft". But no, the charge was "felony embezzlement of rented property" because her boyfriend failed to return a videotape to the rental store.

As always, the law is an ass.

* * *

Speaking of which this is indeed the future of law enforcement. Cartoon of a cop watching a highly-stylized version of the stabbing incident in Ohio, only no gunplay, so the victim is stabbed. The cop does say, "Hey, knock that off", though (exactly like that, with no punctuation).

"That ought to do it; thanks, Ray."

And then, three memes, all with the same theme: "Why aren't parents teaching their kids better?"

Train your children.

Make parents responsible again. Used to be that your kids' behavior reflected on you.

Police are not the problem here.

* * *

What does he mean, "upcoming grand solar minimum"? We're already in it! 2019 set the space-age record for fewest sunspots, and we know that the sun has fewer sunspots during a solar minimum. The maximum of the last cycle was the weakest one we've seen in a very long time.

* * *

Although feminists are fellow travelers, China has decided to quash feminist thinking. The reasoning is that feminism wrecks societies.

Feminism is fine for bringing down a capitalist society; but once that society is securely in the hands of totalitarianist marxists, feminism becomes a very bad thing and must be stopped.

Naturally the feminists in the USA will not notice this.

* * *

Maxine Waters wants an illegal immigrant to be on the Supreme Court. Oh, mercy.

* * *

I cringe when I look at this picture. Wheel mounting is not something you can half-ass. This goober cut notches in the locating circle at the center of the wheel to make it fit the smaller bolt circle of the hub. Secured with lug nuts.

No, "secured" is too strong a word. More like, "held in place". With four lug nuts for a five-lug wheel.


* * *

Keep thinking it'd be nice to get the motorcycle going; then my left arm gives me a twinge. *sigh*

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