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#7613: JAIL. NOW.

At a bare minimum, John F'in Kerry broke a lot of laws here. And quite possibly committed treason to boot. But at the very least it's a very serious violation of the Logan Act, and he needs to go to jail.

John Kerry wasn't in any office while doing these things. He wasn't elected or appointed to any position in the government at the time he made these revelations to Iran and was in talks with Iranian officials. This is a clear-cut example of someone thinking he's above the law because he's a "statesman" but HE WASN'T AUTHORIZED TO DO THIS.

* * *

"Someone has to be held accountable." How about you, for raising a girl who thinks it's perfectly okay to try to stab people? Huh? Go look in the mirror and tell yourself that you did such a great bang-up job of raising "Mak'hia" that of course it was entirely the cop's fault for her death, since she ignored his orders to drop the knife and then attacked another UNARMED! person while the cop had his gun trained on her.

I mean, what did she think was going to happen to her? Didn't you ever tell your daughter that if a cop tells you to do something, you do it, particularly if he has a gun on you and is yelling at you to drop your weapon?

If you're not capable of understanding that aggravated assault and assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder are all serious crimes then maybe you should be in an institution or something, not running around on the street. Not at age 16.

This is so incredibly stupid:
[Girl's cousin Deja] Torrence appeared to respond to the video footage showing Bryant with a knife and apparently ready to attack the other young woman before she was shot.
"We're talking about a kid. She's a kid. She's 16 defending herself from 20-something-year-olds," Torrence, 29, said.

"If I felt threatened, if I felt that a group of individuals was coming on my property where I lived to fight me, I would get whatever I needed to protect myself."
No, here's what you do: you call the police and then go inside your house. Let the people accosting you do shit like vandalize your home, because your home can be fixed. If they try to get into your house, where you are, then you can protect yourself, especially if they break in. (But I AM NOT A LAWYER SO DO NOT TAKE SELF-DEFENSE ADVICE FROM ME.)

What you don't do is get a knife, and then when the cop is telling you to put it down, go to stab one of the people who was accosting you. As I said.

This fucking genius also says, "I want people to know that we should be holding somebody accountable for the 16-year-old kid's death." How about the stupid bitch who didn't drop the knife when ordered to?

Ths simple fact is that there is a broad swath of people in this country don't seem to understand the concept of being responsible for your actions. If you're standing in front of a cop menacing another person with a weapon, and that cop tells you in no uncertain terms that you're to drop your weapon, and you don't drop it, but instead attack that other person? You deserve every last bullet that ventilates your dumb ass.

That is accountability.

* * *

What a menagerie of festering shitheads! Okay, first up, the first video. I don't think she understands the concept of "rental property" all that well. I'd wager that the landlady knows a hell of a lot more about rental law than that stupid...thing...does.

Second: that girl is a spoiled little bitch, let me tell you. And to be honest, she makes me want to misgender every last single person who "identifies" as something other than what they were born with, solely because it would give her a fit of apoplexy.

Third--oh, God.

Fourth, the idiot with the phone thinks he recorded a cop saying something outrageous. He's wrong.

Fifth, "Queen James" does look as if she's gonna cry. "How does it feel to be a pussy-ass bitch?" and the security guy starts yelling back about "language". Heh.

Sixth, a representative doesn't like being arrested for, let's see, driving drunk (2x the legal limit!) with a loaded handgun in his car (what's the law in Michigan?) and then refuses to cooperate with the police. After he's driven his car into a ditch, and is obviously totally drunk. What an asshole.

* * *

Black-owned businesses around "George Floyd Square" are crying that they're unable to make money.
Black-owned businesses in George Floyd Square say they are in desperate need of help from the police.

The businesses are struggling to stay open due to rampant crime.
Oh, is that so?
Why in the name of all that's holy would [the police] ever lift a finger for you ever again? Because it's their job? Jogger please. It's not like answering a phone in a call center, or fixing a car, or selling insurance. For the cops, every encounter has the potential to escalate to physical force...and if the Floyd thing has taught us anything, it's that any physical encounters with anyone likely to be up to no good in "George Floyd Square" is going to end with a cop getting murdered in prison.
That's the long and the short of it.

Look: by protesting every time police have to subdue a thug who is resisting arrest, and end up killing him, you fuckers are asking for this. You want the police to leave you alone? This is what happens when they leave you alone. You can't have it both ways, because if you want the police to protect you, sometimes they're going to have to get rough with criminals who resist arrest--and some of those criminals will die.

But if you're going to pitch a bitch and burn the cities every time a multiple felon asshat dies while being arrested, the police aren't going to protect you. They're not going to protect your business. They're not going to do anything which might lead to the death of yet another violent black criminal, because none of them wants to get Chauvined.

("Chauvined" is a word I just made up that means "railroaded straight into fucking prison where he'll probably die". Anyone who defends Chauvin now gets crushed, by the way. Doctors are shitheads.)

I'm hearing all sorts of people complain about "accountability" but that shit starts with you. Stop accepting criminal behavior from your kids. Stop letting them listen to music and participate in a culture which glorifies crime and violence. Stop allowing them to go through life thinking that learning useful things is "acting white".

Accountability starts with you.

* * *

I'd like to gleefully lap up the schadenfreude here but unfortunately, I predicted this.

I said that there were going to be some elements of antifa which would not get the memo and which would keep on keeping on if the worst happened and the democrats won the presidency. And I said that those elements would get punished with the full force of the law (more or less) as an example to the others, that you only protest and riot when WE tell you to.

None of these arrests are for things that happened before the election in November. The thugs in antifa kept rioting and protesting long after they were supposed to.

* * *

Look at all that lumber! Lumber is expensive right now, and I think we're supposed to look at that video and think, "Gee, why are they stockpiling all that lumber there and not shipping it?"

I think the reason is a little more prosaic: there's a shortage of truck drivers. There's been a shortage of truck drivers for a very long time, and it's gotten worse with the Wuhan Flu horseshit. I think it's just that there aren't enough trucks to move the lumber around.

And according to what the guy said in the video, that's a depot where trucks pick up the lumber and take it to wherever it's going.

* * *

The mRNA shots for Wuhan Flu which are the ones which require two shots and have to be refrigerated to some very cold temperature or they spoil--it turns out they may trigger "Alzheimer’s disease, ALS, and other neurological and cognitive degenerative diseases."

Here's the thing: the mRNA shot basically tells your own cells to express the "spike protwins" that give a coronavirus its distinctive shape. It's kind of like fighting a virus with a virus, only the mRNA doesn't take over the whole cell; it just adds some instructions to what the cell is already doing.

The problem is that these are foreign proteins being expressed by your own cells...and there's a nonzero possibility that this could convince your immune system that otherwise healthy cells are in fact intruders which must be destroyed.

Nerve cells don't have nuclei; that's why if your nerves get damaged they don't grow back. But they still have molecular machinery in them and I suppose it's possible that they could express spike proteins. I don't know.

But what I do know is that nerves work as well as they do because they are encased in myelin cells. Myelin sheaths the nerves and allows quicker and better propagation of nerve signals. Know that little thing we call "polio"? Its full name is "polio myelitis" and it wrecks the myelin sheath around the nerves, which cause them to work very slowly (or not at all). Myelin is a kind of fat cell, and I'd bet they have nuclei.

There's no good science on the long-term effects of mRNA treatment to prevent viral infections. Everyone who gets those shots is taking part in an experiment to see what the long-term effects are. Understand: prior to last year mRNA was in development as a potential new technology for vaccines, but it hadn't been tested on humans.

Well, we've got our test now, don't we?

"If it worked and was safe...."

Turns out the Johnson and Johnson vaccine is not mRNA-based, but is a much more conventional vaccine. If I had to take it, I'd take that one...if I was allowed to. But the CDC paused the use of that one last week because of a few adverse reactions.

* * *

So, today while on break I watched a video about that old warplane being ditched in the surf.

Turned out that it's owned by a company which has a history of being very cavalier about safety. Also turns out that the thing was smoking from the get-go, but instead of landing the airplane the git flying it kept it in the air until the engine ran out of oil and seized.

Could have turned around and landed the thing, and--well, gee, some people don't get to see an old airplane in the air, but the problem can be fixed. Nope! Instead, the shithead keeps flying it until the engine seizes.

But it gets better: he'd made one pass through "the box", which is the place where planes would fly to display themselves for the viewers. Shithead could have done that and landed, but no he had to grandstand and loop around to fly through the box again. Only, that meant he was at 200 feet when the engine seized, and he had no choice about where he was going to land...and in the process he came down right where people were swimming, and he could have killed someone!

Holy shit I hope the FAA pulls that moron's ticket. If I were the underwriter who insured that airplane I'd deny the fucking claim: "Your pilot knew there was an engine problem but kept it in the air for over half an hour after being advised of the issue. Go to him for the money to restore the plane."

* * *

This is an amazingly good explantion of Strauss-Howe generational theory. Nicely set against the backdrop of the 20th century.

* * *

Always remember that war has an economic component. All human activity has an economic component.

* * *

So, here's a two-fer:

Civil war is coming.

Biden signed an executive order that lets him freeze anyone's assets at any time for any reason including saying something bad about the Biden administration. And not just them, but anyone who associates with them, hires them, or helps them in their time of need.

Even if that help only extends to, "Here, have a couple of gallons of gas for your van down by the river."

The idea here is to criminalize any opposition to the federal government by calling it "terrorism" or "insurrection".

And then what? A boot stomping a human face, forever? Hardly:
The big fatal flaw in their plans of destroying the US is that they can’t survive anywhere else. And they can’t survive in the US after they utterly destroy the economy.
What all totalitarian regimes have in common is that they screw up economies beyond belief. And I mean that. If you haven't lived through it, you won't believe me, but let's say that communists managing the desert will run out of sand.
Do you know why the USSR and the other tragic post-World-War II Marxist regimes survived as long as they did? The US.
Because America is wealthy and can’t stand to see people starve, through humanitarian aid (and the usual traitorous would-be socialists here) we sent aid to those regimes. We kept them afloat.

In doing their best to take over the US all the left is managing is to kill the golden goose. Even if everything they plan came to pass, their regime woud last less than 5 years, because Americans will not starve peacefully.
We sure as hell won't.

Let me put it this way:

The thing is, when you remove a man's ability to feed himself and his family, you don't end up turning him into a marionette with cut strings. Not in America. No: instead that man--deprived of a way of making a living--has a good chance of deciding, This can't get any worse, and then he takes his rifles and pistols out and loads them up and goes down shooting. His wife can claim she didn't know the guy was a lunatic and probably lie convincingly enough through her tears to get back in the government's good graces (and start getting sweet government cheese).

But it doesn't end there, because other people of a similar bent see what happened to him. And when it happens to them, they're ready for it, and they just disappear into the wilderness. And mysteriously, shit starts going wrong out in the boondocks. Gas pipelines blow up. Power lines come down. Train tracks get wrecked. Highway overpasses get dropped. The FBI fans out across the country trying to find the insurgents who are doing all these heinous acts of terrorism (in which people don't get killed, by the way, because infrastructure is the target) but no one seems to know much of anything about it, and "I was pretty mad too because my power was out for two weeks while they fixed it!"

You think there aren't people out there who can do this? Who can go live in the American wilderness and keep out of sight of the feds' best investigators? People who know how the military works (who were in it) and know how to counteract the military technology being used against them, and who can stay well away from any patrols or drones or FBI agents or-or-or?

The American military couldn't manage to win in Afghanistan because of the rules of engagement. The feds can't win against a serious insurgency, and if they started prosecuting total war against an American insurgency they'd only end up losing faster. And when I say "prosecuting total war", I mean using tactics which were verboten according to the rules of engagement for the middle east.

"We nuked Cedar Rapids because they were harboring insurgents, sir."

"Good, good."

...bad idea. Because then you start losing the people who otherwise might be sympathetic to you. No one wants to be on the receiving end of a live W-88, and if you're nuking cities because there are insurgents in them, who's to say you won't nuke their homes too? When you're a good democrat who supports the troops in their battle against insurgency? It won't make everyone anti-fed, but it sure turns the tide against you.

Sooner or later. And you can't unperson everyone. Hell, unpersoning the 75,000,000 who voted for Trump is going to be a big enough economic disaster as it is. I don't think you realize just how many of those seventy-five million people are the ones who know how to do things, the kind of hand-dirtying work you wouldn't be caught dead attempting. (And if you tried, you'd probably just hurt yourself anyway.)

It doesn't even need to be nuclear weapons. You start shelling towns and hosing down neighborhoods with Vulcan cannons and it will not play at all well, in Peoria or anywhere else. And meanwhile, the insurgents are cutting your supply lines, so you don't get food, you don't get fuel, you don't get anything moving cross-country unless you take it by air.

Carrying crude oil cross-country by air--hoo boy wouldn't that be entertaining.
They don't understand that because--since China pays a lot of them directly or not--they think China can replace the US in financing their lavish lifestyles and our not-quite-starving.

They don't get that China is already in American terms close to starvation themselves.

This is because to the left economics is not real. It's a fantasy they can spin any way they like, and it will keep them going on unicorn farts and dreams.
So if the Chinese come in here, to "secure the American nuclear stockpile", everyone in the US starves, because the Chinese no longer need American toadies to run things. They'll just run it themselves. And the American toadies will find themselves on the wrong end of mob justice.

The left doesn't understand how economics actually works. They think Marx and Keynes had some kind of divine revelation that gives them carte blanche to make up money out of thin air and spend it like it's actually a store of value. Only, when marxism fails--as it always does--people starve. Stuff doesn't get made, necessary stuff that the economy needs in order to function.

I mean, your economy can get by with a workforce that has no toilet paper, but it cannot get by without fuel. And that's why I included the thing above about Nazi Germany's energy problems; without some source of energy your big fancy first world economy stops.

And the energy is carried long distances in America, by wires, by rail, by pipelines...all of which can be thwarted, easily. Because America hasn't had a sensate energy policy in over fifty years.

Remember a few years ago how I complained about the price of gas in the Fungal Vale, and how it suddenly went up some fifty-odd cents a gallon because a piece of machinery in the nearest refinery went "poit" and let out the magic smoke, and so gasoline had to be trucked in from farther away? Then, as now, all the refineries in America have to run at full speed all the time--and when they can't run, we have to import fuel, because no one's been allowed to build new refineries since the late 1970s.

But they've sure shut plenty of them down in the last 50 years!

And lest you misunderstand the point I'm making here, oil refineries are not just about fuels. Fuels, yes, but also lubricants and the stuff used to make plastics. And the stuff used to make fertilizers. And the stuff used to make--well, a hell of a lot of things.

Your windmills and solar panels are what military men refer to as soft targets because it does not take very much to wreck them, and by definition they're out in the middle of nowhere. You might be able to harden the target somewhat by stationing troops around them, but Army regulars on garrison duty get lax and stupid after they've been bored long enough. And anyway, you can't guard the miles and miles of transmission lines that connect them to the cities.

The feds can't win, but it will suck a lot the entire time they're losing.

* * *

Second City Cop went silent but he is still trying to find a way to blog. More power to him!
And now a dead 13-year-old gangbanger. How do we know he's a gangbanger? Social media pictures of him flashing gang signs. Tattoos noted in the coroner report and the "eyebrow lines" shaved in. The announcement (that actually made the media) that the gang would be targeting unmarked squad cars and the cops riding within--would they do that for a non-gangbanger? (Hint: No.)
Chicago does not have a gun problem. Chicago has a gang problem.

* * *

As for me, I ordered a pizza, and we're going to watch more of that crazy mid-70s space show. Whee!

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