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#760: Headlines again!

Chavez vows to be dictator for life. The only people surprised by this are journalists. Those of us who have made even a casual study of the ways of dictators knew what came next.

"Other Chavistas claim the party's leadership, many of whom lead privileged lives, has grown out of touch with the president's base of support in the slums and impoverished countryside." Duh! Of course the party leadership is pivileged! They're not going to live in filth like the proletariat! They're too important, doing the work of the people, so their "few" luxuries are well-earned!


How frickin' stupid do you have to be to advertise hams for Hanukkah?

One comment sagely reminds us that if this had been done for a muslim holiday there would have been riots. "Line up and get your Ramadan hams, now on sale!" Heh. That's doubly funny. (Y'know--because Ramadan is a fasting ritual and all....)

This is an article about the "Black KKK"--about black-on-black crime, etc, and what needs to be done to fix the problems in black America. (Hint: it is not more money for schools or government-funded abortion clinics.)

This would automatically be a "hate crime" if the races were reversed. But because it was nine black "juveniles" beating up one white woman, it's not a hate crime or motivated by racism. takes nine of them for that? Kind of reminds me of a racist little chant from when I was in grade school:

Fight! Fight!
[racial slur] and a white!
[racial slur] don't win,
they all jump in!

It takes a lot of guts for nine people to beat the crap out of one person. Why, you never know when someone might be a ninja or a Jedi. I'm surprised those kids didn't all have weapons in order to even the odds! < /sarcasm >

A bit about Bali, AKA "Kyoto Part Two". Hmm..."Kyoto II: Even Hotter!" or something...

In fact, Boortz discusses some particulars in depth, and it's sobering stuff.

The private jets "...the government officials and activists that have flown to Bali will cause as much pollution as 20,000 cars in one year." For one event, the equivalent of 20,000 car-years' worth of carbon tell us that we have to cut our carbon emissions by 50% of 1990 levels.

They want to limit warming to no more than 2°C above pre-industrial temperatures. These are temps that were set during the Little Ice Age, which was an abnormally cold period from which world temperatures are still recovering.

Someone said this, and it's an excellent question to ask these jerks: what is the ideal temperature of the Earth? What temperature is the "natural" one?

Obviously they think that the "pre-industrial" temperature is the correct one. Okay; which pre-industrial temperature? The coldest global temperature of the Little Ice Age? The warmest temperature of the Medieval Warm Period? Both took place before the world was industrialized, after all.

It was warm during the heyday of the Roman Empire; it got cold for a while, then warmed up during the Warm Period; and then it got really cold.

Ah hell, I'll let this picture do the talking:


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