atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7614: That update screwed SOMETHING up.

Getting weird behavior now from the mouse; sometimes when I click something, if the clicked object can toggle, it does so, very rapidly, between states, continuously, until I click again.

Latest Windows update, I bet.

* * *

Autoplay warning but I remember when we used to be able to ridicule people who were being fucking stupid on purpose.

Used to be if you were a shit-for-brains teenager (and they are all shit-for-brains!) and you did something egregiously stupid--regardless of the reason--you were fair game for ridicule, especially from your elders. The idea was that if you had to face being mocked and ridiculed for, I don't know, being the guy who wore a dress to prom, you'd be less likely to do it or else would have a good reason to do it. So that instead of bringing shame on your family for acting like the shit-for-brains teenager you are, you'd act like someone who had a stake in the proper functioning of society.

But we live in clown world now, so a teenager who breaks the old rules of society is considered "brave" and "daring" and "courageous" and "speaking truth to power", and the guy who tells him that he looks like the poster boy for birth control is canceled right out of his job.

Because he's broken one of the new rules of society.

This all goes back to the innate selfishness of Baby Boomers and their motto, "What is, is wrong," and their sixty-year run of systematically smashing traditions and customs which worked extremely well, solely because those customs kept them from having a good time. Boomers fancy themselves still to be "standing up against the Man" but THEY ARE THE MAN NOW and they've taken a high-functioning society and nation and turned it into a place where a man loses his job because he calls a shit-for-brains teenager on his stupid crap.

* * *

Smallest oscars audience ever because Americans are getting sick and tired of being preached at by pretentious assholes who pretend for a living.

* * *

Pixy's first vignette is about Basecamp, a company which decided to eject all the SJW horseshit and focus on their business.

May they not be the last.

* * *

Yes, once again the person shot by the cops was an exemplar of humanity and YES THAT IS SARCASM.
I'm truly sorry that Ma'Khia Bryant is dead. Nobody should have to die like that--but there are some who choose that fate for themselves, literally forcing the police to act against them in order to protect other innocent people. The available evidence overwhelmingly suggests that this is precisely what happened in her case. As for her parents, I'm sorry for their loss--but where were they when their daughter needed positive, supportive, exemplary role models? It's too late now.
He's nicer than I am. I figure that if you get shot while trying to kill someone, that's your own damned fault, and you got what was coming to you.

Further, I don't think her parents really cared that much about her, either. Her father had to be forced, in court, to acknowledge that he was her father.

Both her parents are real winners, too, let me tell you. *rolleyes*

* * *

As you can probably tell, I'm in fine fettle tonight. My fettle is so fine, you need to measure the grain size in nanometers.

But at least I got the grass cut.

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