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#7616: Go see "Godzilla vs. Kong"

Really. Seriously. It's fun. I mean, there's almost zero characterization and all the characters are pretty much stereotypes and there are no real surprises in the plot of the movie, but that's not why you watch a movie like that.

You watch it to see the spectacle of giant monsters duking it out. This movie does that, in spades, and makes it a hell of a lot of fun in the process. Everything is perfectly logical and reasonable--at least, as logical and reasonable as you can get when you have giant monsters (called "titans" in the movie) duking it out.

Mrs. Fungus and I watched it this afternoon and really enjoyed it, which is why I can recommend it with no reservations.

Definitely a good, entertaining "popcorn" movie.

* * *

Wait a second--is this legal? I'd love it if it were!

Short form is, the school board of Vail, Colorado, decided they didn't want to listen to "hundreds" of parents who wanted the board to end the mask mandate in schools, so they abandoned having a regularly-scheduled meeting. In response, the parents elected a new school board which subsequently ended the mask mandate.

Done under "Robert's Rules of Order". Basically the rules governing how meetings are held, with "motions" and "call the question" and all of that stuff.

Vail is not exactly a meatloaf-and-potato-buds suburb, you know what I mean? I'd expect that there were one or two high-octane lawyers present out of the "hundreds" of parents, and surely someone knew what the law said.

Is this one of the earliest cracks in the system?

* * *

Well, this is entertaining. AoSHQ quick hits page:
California identifies 20% of signatures not matching in Newsom recall petitions. Yet, magically, more than 99% of signatures matched during November election for mail in ballots?
California's answer approximates, "Shut up!"

* * *

Prostitution, by any other name....

* * *

I cannot fault his analysis.
...the AMA is just a bunch of Mengeles who say all the right and politically fashionable things while advancing a radical Leftist ideology that engages in the sexual mutilation and medical torture of children, for access to money and influence.
"But those kids are transgendered!" Young childen, by definition, lack the capacity to make informed and reasoned decisions. Having your body medically and surgically altered to resemble the opposite sex is something that should not be done frivolously.

* * *

Sarah Hoyt thinks 2021 will make 2020 look like a birthday party and I do not think she is wrong.
I expect that in June (July at the latest) if you've read Pratchett's Night Watch, we'll get our Morphic Street Conspiracy and our Dolly sisters' riot. No, the January 6th event wasn't either of those, though the media and the left (But I repeat myself) has tried to paint it as such. But there will be at least two eruptions, real ones, that will be put down very rapidly.

And if I'm right, what is going to shock, surprise and send the MSM and the Marxists (BIRM) scrambling and foaming at the mouth is that they're not going to get the buy in from the right that occurred right after they demonized the January 6th demonstrations. And I want to point out right here, that as bad as they painted those, if you're on the right and you fell for the "must condemn" you might want to revise that tout de suite. You might also want to learn not to be a patsy in the future.
She's being nice, because instead of "patsy" I would have said "fucking idiot."

And then she says this:
I don't know what's--really--happening in other countries, because their media is still controlled by the global left. But the rumblings I get? Whatever is happening, the global Marxist monster is scared. Really scared. And letting its inner bully out to stomp in an attempt to "get power forever."
I know what "rumblings" she's talking about, because I've felt the same way all along.

Anyway the whole post is worth reading because it's chock-full of common sense on what our elites think they are doing versus what they are actually doing. Those are not the same thing.

* * *

As for me, I suppose I should go do something.

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