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#7623: May need to clean the start switch and get a new solenoid

...but I put it together and it cranked very nicely, even so. I'm only thinking about those other items because after a short trip around the block, I turned it off and tried to start it, and it wouldn't turn over until I jiggled the button.

No matter. That starter needed a rebuild. "CLANKY" is NO.

The one problem is that I couldn't replace the seal on the gear end. There were two included in the rebuild kit, but both of them were about 140% of the correct thickness. When I assembled the thing, I couldn't turn the shaft.

With the old seal in, turned fine. I can live with it, I suppose. It's not like a lot of oil gets in there.

* * *

The left does not want black people to think this way. They don't want black people to think, period.

* * *

I knew it! Here we go! The EPA is fixing to ban hydrofluorocarbons! And do you know why the EPA wants to ban them?

Because they absorb heat and cause global warming, that's why!

Well, duh. You want a refrigerant to have a high specific heat capacity; the higher the better. R-134a has 1,430 times as much heat capacity as CO2 does, and so it must be banned to prevent global warming! And so what, pray tell, will be the allowed refrigerant we get to use?

Isobutane. The stuff they fill cigarette lighters with.

And here's the usual lie:
CFCs deplete the ozone layer that protects the Earth from harmful ultraviolet radiation, and decades of use led to a massive hole, discovered in 1974, in the atmosphere above Antarctica. As concern over the ozone hole grew, countries from around the world signed onto the Montreal Protocol, which called for the phaseout of CFCs and other ozone-depleting substances. Finalized in 1987 and ratified by the US Senate the following year, the treaty is widely seen as a success—as CFC use has dwindled, the ozone layer has begun to repair itself, and by 2040, experts believe the hole will begin to steadily close.
Sing along, folks! You know the tune!

The ozone "hole" was discovered in 1956 (not 1974). In the 1950s, they figured out that every year, the ozone layer over Antartica was depleted by the formation of the Austral Polar Vortex, which prevented circulation of air and allowed the ozone to deplete. Every year, the ozone layer over Antarctica would deplete to something like 200 Dobson units, about the same time each year, and then recover to a value somewhere around 300.

The depletion happens about August or September, which is around the time that sunlight returns to the south pole. Ozone is created when oxygen molecules (O2) absorb an ultraviolet photon, splitting them into oxygen radicals (O) which then combine with other oxygen molecules to form O3, ozone. But in August, night is still longer than day, and the actual south pole itself is still in darkness the entire day long. It's not until the autumnal equinox (Sept 20-ish) that sunlight returns to 90 degrees south latitude.

So: every year starting in the mid-1950s we've seen the ozone "hole" form over Antarctica, and every year it's gone away. Every year. It is a seasonal phenomenon.

...and it was found before CFCs entered widespread use.

And so, we banned CFCs based on a lie. Now they're going to ban the not-as-good replacements based on more lies.

But DuPont sure made money with their HFC patents, didn't they?

* * *

I have been saying #DefundFBI for months.

* * *

So, do you remember that court case from a few years ago where the Illinois FOID card law was declared unconstitutional? Well, it's back, and it's just been declared unconstitutional again.


There is still a way to go, but they're on the right track.

* * *

They put Luke in the middle of this year's Star Wars poster but they made him look like a girl.

* * *

Duterte had better figure out who he wants, China or the USA. The Philippines standing on their own? Not gonna happen. Either China will be in charge, or the US will be on hand.

* * *

Sarah Hoyt protests that the common abbreviation of Strauss-Howe generational theory is too simplistic and, well, wrong. She's right. The simplification was emitted by a marxist who was trying to sound smart.

* * *

Well, it's going on 9, and I haven't played any WoW today, so I think I'll fix that.
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