atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7626: THEY DID IT

SN15, up like a rocket, and down like a rocket. Safe touchdown, both a good and a great landing.

Good landing: One you can walk away from.

Great landing: One after which the vehicle is still usable.

Still had a bit of a fire at the base, from leaking methane, but they were able to put it out. The ship made a controlled and safe landing, and it didn't blow up. If they wanted, they could send it up again.

And probably will.

Understand: no one has ever done this before.

* * *

Did you see that pic of the Bidens and the Carters? The Bidens are HUGE! Or the Carters are hobbits. One or the other.

What? "Photoshopped"? Please. Our government would never try to fool us with doctored photographs!

* * *

So, anecdote time!

They say that Germany is having its coldest spring in over 40 years. "Global warming."

Go down to the graph and see that this year, so far, sports the third-coldest mesosphere temperatures in 14 years.</a> 2013 looks like it was the coldest. But every year is warmer than the last, right? Because of "Global warming".

* * *

Diamonds are not really as common as gravel but they also shouldn't cost a thousand dollars a carat, or whatever they run.

It's good if they can be made cheaper. Not just for jewelry, but because diamonds are so useful for industry.

* * *

Gorgeous day today, so I rode the bike back to work after lunch. Turned out to be just a wee bit chilly for motor cycling, so I didn't do very much extra riding. Got home half an hour after leaving work.


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