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#7627: No one likes windmills.

People want wind power but not near them.
... local governments across the country are rejecting wind energy projects. Since 2015, about 300 government entities from Vermont to Hawaii have rejected or restricted wind projects. In March the select board in Scituate, Mass., ordered a wind turbine in the coastal town to be shut down at night from mid-May to mid-October. The problem, according to the Boston Globe: complaints from neighbors who say "they can't sleep at night because of noise" the wind turbine makes.
It's really awesome to see this kind of story being reported.

Especially because the states that are most prone to eco-nazism are fighting against windmills the hardest.
Some of the fiercest fights against Big Wind are happening in the bluest states. Good luck building a wind turbine in Vermont, home of Bernie Sanders, one of the Senate's loudest proponents of renewable energy. In New York, so many communities are rejecting wind and solar projects that Gov. Andrew Cuomo's administration recently pushed through regulations that will give Albany officials authority to override the objections of local communities and issue permits for large renewable projects. In California, wind turbines are so difficult to site that most developers have simply given up trying to build new projects in the state.
How are you going to generate power with windmills if you're not allowed to build them?

And it's going to take a lot of windmills to replace coal and gas and nuclear.

* * *

I'm pretty tired. I've been taking muscle relaxants at bedtime because my back, over the past week, has been killing me...ever since I got the Wuhan Flu stick.

Anyway the cyclobenzaprene relaxes all my muscles and makes my back feel reasonable. The most incredible thing was that when I woke up this morning, I felt very, very strange...until I realized it was because nothing hurt.

There was no pain in my body at all, except my neck felt a little stiff and achy. It was kind of spooky, in a way, and it left me wondering: is that why I never have any energy? I'm in constant pain?

Anyway, I'm also having a diverticular flareup, which doesn't help much. To make things even more entertaining I'm going to get scoped soon; initial consult is less than 2 weeks out. (Tried to make an appointment with one place and they said, "August." Obamacare FTW!)

* * *


The Blue Bomb was, obviously, blue, and it was a 1975 4-door hardtop...but that Caprice convertible would be amazing once the details were attended to. It's probably 90% done, maybe 95%...and the bodywork is arrow straight.

He'll probably put gigantic wheels on it and jack the suspension so they fit. *sigh*

* * *

Yesterday I was trying to find a piece by Bach, and looked at the end credits of Captain Fantastic to see if it was in there.

Not THIS Captain Fantastic. THIS Captain Fantastic. The one I and some friends made in 1991.

The list, in the credits, of music that I used was not comprehensive. So I went to YoutzTubbz, intending to just listen to every last Bach violin concerto I could find, but as it happened the first one I listened to was it:

This is what I picked for the background music of "Billionaire Health Spa". One of the principals involved with the creation of the film was blessed with parents who had an indoor pool, and so when the parents were off to China for a month, we filmed a bunch of scenes there. I needed something that sounded upper-crusty, and that piece of music was perfect. Also, the allegro is eight minutes long, which is plenty of time to run through the whole scene without having to restart the music.

And so whenever I hear this song, the first damned thing I hear in my head is, "Meanwhile, at Billionaire Health Spa...."

Anyway, for a laugh I set the video player to run it at a higher speed--something like 3x or 4x--and because of how it's encoded, it just played fast without the pitch rising...and it was hilarious. No one on this planet has seen that movie more times than I have, and even though I know all the jokes, having them hit 4x as fast just makes it incredibly funny. Especially when Dr. Maniac would start laughing....

* * *

Anyway, Thursday evening! Tomorrow is Friday. I can't wait for the weekend. I expect I'll have to cut the grass, but so what.

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