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#7628: Well, guess what? If you want electric cars....

Over at Jalopnik they had this to say:
Edward Bartell runs a 50,000-acre ranch in Nevada that happens to be located just miles away from a site where Lithium America soon plans to carve an open pit mine. Here’s what that means for his business, nearby wildlife and individuals of the Fort McDermitt Paiute and Shoshone Tribe who also reside there,...
A December assessment by the Interior Department found that over its 41-year life, the mine would degrade nearly 5,000 acres of winter range used by pronghorn antelope and hurt the habitat of the sage grouse. It would probably also destroy a nesting area for a pair of golden eagles whose feathers are vital to the local tribe's religious ceremonies.

"It is real frustrating that it is being pitched as an environmentally friendly project, when it is really a huge industrial site," said Mr. Bartell, who filed a lawsuit to try to block the mine.
A begrudging link and you have to scroll down to "Third Gear".

Here's the thing: whatever we do is going to come with an environmental cost. There are no magic power sources which are cheap, clean, and easy to use. If you want to eliminate the carbon emissions, then you get the lithium mines. You don't--CANNOT--reduce the overall amount of pollution; all you can do is move it around.

Of course, what American eco-nazis want is for the lithium mines to be in third-world countries, so that the black and brown and yellow people are the ones who suffer for their ultra-clean eco-utopia. They don't want the lithium mines here where they have to look at them! And besides, isn't that going to make the electric cars and the iPhones more expensive?

Then there's this:
"Tell me, what water am I going to drink for 300 years?" Deland Hinkey, a member of the tribe, yelled as a federal official arrived at the reservation in March to brief tribal leaders on the mining plan. "Anybody, answer my question. After you contaminate my water, what I am going to drink for 300 years? You are lying!"
I have to wonder how he voted. Did he vote for Biden? If so, THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT HE VOTED FOR.

* * *

Meanwhile, over in China? China is emitting more carbon dioxide than the entire rest of the world put together.

That's because our self-styled betters, the oligarchs, have moved all our heavy manufacturing there. You can't really get American steel any longer; most of it comes from China. Why? Because China doesn't have an EPA, that's why, keeping track of the foundries' emissions and fining them for going over whatever arbitrarily low limit they've set this month. So Chinese steel is massively cheaper than domestic steel.

But you and me, we are the ones who have to give up central heating and private transportation to save the Earth from global warming. Not the Chinese! They don't have to cut their emissions at all!

* * *

Free money is keeping people out of the workforce. And so the hiring numbers for April are not good. And payrolls are not good. And the left is losing its shit over this.

After all, who could imagine that people at the lower end of the wage scale might choose not to work when their bills are getting paid and they don't have to make rent? Surely the proles love to work in their minimum-wage jobs now that the pay is $15 an hour!

Earth to asshats: no they don't. And so you're going to have trouble finding people to do the low-paying repetitive jobs that don't require much in the brains department. Your "stimulus" payments are more attractive than working for the money.

* * *

Why is Koka-Kola backing away from its anti-white racism? "Try reporting a 12% sales decline in any major American corporation and see what happens to your career."

How did he get that figure?
A [poll] finds that 37% of American Adults the company's stand against the new Georgia law makes them less likely to purchase Coca-Cola products. Twenty-five percent (25%) say they are more likely to buy Coke,...
The number of "unchanged" is about 30% of the respondents to said survey. 25% are more likely to buy, but 37% are less likely to buy, so that's 12% down.

"Try acting less white," their racist training materials said. Well, white people buy Koka-Kola, so if I'm going to act "less white"? Enjoy.

* * *

That last word was, by the way, a dig at one of their ad campaigns.

* * *

So, today I saw a marvelous graphic which demonstrated how wrong the climate models are. I don't remember where I saw it and I didn't save a copy of it, worse luck.


* * *

They're communists; of course they don't care!

Most countries, launching a big dumb old-fashioned disposable rocket, will take some care that the useless empty husk doesn't come down over a populated area. Not China, though! They don't care where their 22-ton old clunker comes down. They just dumped it in a decaying orbit once they were done with it. After all, making sure that it doesn't cause any trouble for anyone else, that's just an extra, useless cost.

* * *

Feminism killed the Gates marriage. Like the writer, I really didn't give a rat's ass about the stupid thing, because Bill Gates is a rich idiot and it was inevitable that his wife would divorce him sooner or later, because of those magic words, "no prenuptual agreement".

And after reading the article, I have to agree:
It all sounds pathetic. It shows that Jenni Murray is correct-- feminism broke the Gates marriage. Making a human institution fulfill the terms of an ideology is a formula for failure.

* * *

Rode the bike back to work today, after lunch. It was 65. It was 52 when I rode home, but I gamely went to the store to get bread anyway.

The starter has not missed a tick since I reinstalled it. Win.

Next up: a very thorough cleaning, and then I think I might just take it over to the nearby shop and see if they'll tune it up for me!

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