atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7632: Hump status: busted

After the previous post, I hied me onward.

...Tractor Supply Co. sold me the lower bearing I needed, a 6205RS. Also, a really nice set of snap-ring pliers which convert from inner to outer by flipping the handles. Worth every penny of the $6 I paid for them.

On to Harbor Freight, where I bought the tools I needed last week when I took out the bike's starter. Next time, something else will vex me.

Got home, ate lunch, then dove in. It was about 2 PM when I started work.

...and I finished a little while after 7 PM. Five hours.

To be fair, there was perhaps a 20-minute window where I contacted the company from which I got the parts, because one of them was broken.

The tub seal has two parts to it, a flexible springy bit, and a brass bushing that holds the o-ring against the springy bit. Well, that brass ring was broken into two pieces. For a moment I thought it was supposed to be like that, and was confused because I knew the washing machine didn't have a two-part seal in it; and then I twigged to what had happened.

The FedEx guy tossed it into my porch Friday as I was leaving after lunch, and it went tink!, and I think that's when the part broke. Bad FedEx, but also bad parts guys for shipping it in one of those thin plastic envelopes, instead of something with padding.

Anyway I contacted them, and they asked if I wanted a new part or a refund. I picked "refund", because I'd already decided I was going to reuse the old brass bit and simply fit the new seal to it. So, bonus, I guess?

So I powerwashed the outer tub, to get all the rust and scale out of it, and then reassembled the whole thing. The only really frustrating step was getting the tub's discharge hose back onto the pump. Everything else was pretty well straightforward.

Ran a test load and everything was fine, except of course it made a weird noise. So I took it back apart, and in the process made a mistake I didn't notice for a while. Verified that the tub was mounted firmly to the trunnion, and that the trunnion bolts were tight so it wasn't rattling around on the shaft. Tested it and it was quiet, so I put it back together and let it rip.

The tub nearly overflowed.

Stopped it, ran a spin cycle to pump the water out, checked that the pressure switch hose (which is how it tells when the tub is full) was connected correctly--it was--and tried again. Same thing.

Pulled the back panel off and--sure enough--the pressure switch hose had come off the pressure switch. Plugged it back in, ran a test, and it worked. Fine.

There are still a couple of problems. I think the tub drain hose (the one I had trouble reconnecting) is leaking. That's a hunk of radiator hose, no big deal. Also, the laundry sink's drain is leaking. So those are two things I'm going to have to fix, but I am not doing them tonight, or even this weekend, because my hump is busted.

Time for nice Chinese food and WoW. And maybe 800mg of ibuprofen.

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