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#7636: The steep, steep cost of NIMBY

There is a fuel shortage on the east coast. The Biden "administration" is trying to claim that there's no shortage, that there's "plenty of supply". They're spinning this as a transportation problem.

Guess what: if the product can't get to where it's sold, IT IS A SUPPLY PROBLEM.

The thing is, the refineries that make the product are not at all close to where the fuel is being used. The Colonial pipeline is a good thousand-plus miles long, running from the Gulf coast to New York at least. "Critical infrastructure"...but apparently the people in charge of the stupid thing didn't quite understand that if it's connected to the Internet it will be hacked.

With everything running happily on Windows PCs, too, because they're cheap and commonly available, but once someone finds the slightest crevice in the company network, you're looking at ransomware messages and the product is not moving.

If there were refineries closer to the point of use, the pipeline wouldn't be necessary. But of course that would mean that a bunch of east coast leftists would have to live within driving distance of them.

* * *

CDC just confirmed that the Wuhan Flu has a 0.2% case fatality rate, which is on the order of...the flu.

We have been wrecked for the flu. I've been saying it and saying it.

* * *

Global warming, all right! England on track to have its coldest May since they started keeping records in 1659.

Projected low for the Fungal Vale: 33. That's what it was the other day when there was frost on the grass and houses and cars.

Rode the bike back to work because it was in the 60s around noon, but when it came time to ride home it was chilly. Turns out it's below 50. No wonder.

* * *

I'm reminded of the bit in Revelations about the eyes and tongue rotting out. "Rare flesh-eating black fungus", they say, "mucormycosis", which attacks...the eyes, nose, and mouth. Yeah.

In his ridicuous book Late, Great Planet Earth Hal Lindsey thought it was something related to a nuclear bomb, but he's an idiot.

* * *

Although they can't get the microchips to make certain components, Ford continues to churn out trucks. It's ridiculous. I know why they're doing it, but every last one of those trucks will now have to be taken back into a shop where the missing part(s) will be added to them. Reworking them won't make them more profitable, and I have to wonder if they'll even be ready to go before the 2022 model year starts.

* * *

He's right about Ladyhawke. The soundtrack is, essentially, an Alan Parsons Project album. Parsons himself did the engineering, which was his main role for the albums that bore his name. Andrew Powell was the guy who did all the orchestral parts of their songs, and he wrote the OST for the movie. The rock instruments you hear in the OST were played by the usual Project stalwarts, people like Ian Bairnson and Stuart Elliott and David Paton.

So, yeah.

* * *

Mrs. Fungus and I watched Interstellar last night, and HOLY CRAP I forgot how good that movie is!

It's just flat-out amazing.

Even though I know the plot, I was still on the edge of my seat in the tense sequences, and the ending hit me in the feels, hard.

In the process of explaining time dialation to her, I added that one hour has passed on Miller's planet since the movie came out. Miller's planet is close enough to Gargantua that one hour on that planet is seven years on Earth, and the movie came out in 2014, and it's now 2021.

Next up, The Martian, because we want to see Matt Damon to redeem himself after that shit on Mann's planet....

Anyway, movie was over almost exactly at midnight and we went to bed...and then couldn't sleep because the movie had us all wound up.

* * *

The motorcycle was running a little rough on the way home, and then I recalled that I haven't put any gas in it this year. The tank took almost two gallons. The capacity is supposedly somewhere around 4.5 gallons, but it always seems to start running a bit rough when the fuel gets below the hump in the middle of the tank. Even with the nice new fuel petcock I put on last year, which was an inexpensive replacement for the stock one that cost $80 to replace.

Still thinking about taking it to a dealer and having a professional tune-up done on it, so the carbs are synchronized and all the things adjusted and lubed and corrected. That'll be after I clean it, though.

* * *

Tomorrow is Wednesday, already. Geeze!

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