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#7637: If she's right, we're in deep, deep trouble.

Sarah Hoyt is deeply skeptical of "the population bomb". Well--not just Ehrlick's malthusian nonsense, but all of it--even to the point of there being seven billion people in the world.
Such as that Mexico City, for one, doesn’t have the water needed for the claimed population. Hell, not for half the claimed population. And no, we're not talking at American levels of water use. Just enough for everyone not to die, if they also drank beer and wine. And in Africa it's even more so, with the cities having to be by the mathematical inevitability of supply and needed resources to live, no more than between a third and a tenth their reported population.

And then I noticed other stuff: For instance, Heinlein spotted that the USSR couldn't possibly have the population it claimed, even if the CIA bought the spit-out-numbers hook line and sinker. When the USSR fell, we realized that hell yeah, it couldn't have the population it claimed, and the numbers were revised down. But the global population numbers weren't.

Things that weren't reported, like when Dave Freer told me Africa had a massive number of orphans, because a ton of people died of AIDS which for cultural reasons went beyond the gay community (if there is one, which I doubt) there. But were those people counted as dead? Their reproductive life taken in account as shortened?

In fact, though recently they started revising the growth projections down, officialdom never revised THE POPULATION totals down, even when it was obvious they had miscounted.

Yesterday we got an announcement that China is in probably irretrievable population collapse. Is it real or memorex?
Think about it: China had a "one child per family" policy for decades because they couldn't feed everybody...only now they've suddenly relaxed that policy. Why? Culturally, they prefer boys to girls. But females are the source of babies. If you run out of girls, you run out of babies. How many Chinese boys are there right now, of breeding age? And how many Chinese girls of the same age? And how many of them are actually breeding?

So then Ms. Hoyt says:
In ten years or so. If I'm still alive, I'll see commercials about a woman's duty to have one or two children out of wedlock (and put them up for adoption, send them to be raised in creches, or giving them to parents to raise) before going off to school and a career and eventual marriage and legitimate children. They'll say you should be pregnant by your Junior year in high school because it's good for you (possibly true, given modern medicine) and your nation needs your babies. (Yes, I know it's insane, but I also know it will happen. Ten, twenty years at most.)
You know what else happens?

Abortion becomes a capital crime.

If things become dire enough, not only does the legality of abortion go away, but they start executing people who do them.

That statistic about Mexico City--that scares me. I'd bet money it's an open secret, because you cannot hide infrastructure from something like Google Earth. The elites have a stake in us not knowing that the population numbers are fake, and Ms. Hoyt presents a compelling argument that they simply don't want us to find out how wrong they are.

When I take all this together, though, it makes me think that everything that's happened over the past eighteen months has happened because they realize that they are perilously close to being thrown off the tiger...the same tiger they've been riding for decades and which is starting to get rather hungry.

If the populace found out that the elites' incorrect guesses had doomed us to a much lower standard of living? That killing your own children is actually a bad thing? That if the sixty million abortions which had taken place in America since 1974 had not taken place, we'd not need to import illegal aliens to keep our economy from crashing--and oh yes, the richest 1% of the population suffer greatly when deflation happens, because their paychecks come from the movement of money.

Emitting fourteen trillion dollars of cash into a deflating economy makes sense...if you're the guy who makes money every time a dollar changes hands. And that's why the stories about people just putting their stimulus checks into the bank and not spending them had the slightest undertone of pants-wetting panic.

My wife and I did that. We're planning to use the money to help pay our egregious Illinoistan property taxes.

* * *

The funny thing is, we each drop $400 a month into a joint savings account specifically to pay for things like the property taxes and various home improvement items. We have more than enough to pay the taxes, but if we use the government cheese to pay part of the government bill, then the money we've saved can go towards other things. In fact, $800 a month is rather a lot more than the actual property tax when we divide it by 12, and we consider the padding to be the "emergency fund" and "upkeep" fund. (The $400 each is on top of the additional funds we each drop into individual savings accounts, ie "paying ourselves first".)

The real worry for me now is the projections of how badly the currency is going to inflate. My little nest egg might end up being toilet paper soon, and that would be just like my entire life: "Hey, I finally managed to--!" "Fuck you, it's useless. Ha ha!"


* * *

Like? We need some carpeting. We're going to need a new stove and refrigerator, eventually. There are a few other things the house needs, not really big but still a bit spendy. Someday I'd like to run a 240V line to the garage, but that's going to require a bigger breaker panel, and I can't install that myself.

* * *

The video at the bottom! If you're attending an on-line court session, do be aware of what your screen name says about you.

* * *

The road and the river it crosses are both closed.

Intrepid Reporter thinks it was there for a while.

Why now? Pipeline shut down by "hackers", a major crack in a bridge that closes two major arteries...what else is going on? The east coast is about to become an economic disaster area!

Tucker Carlson talks about the situation with the pipeline and the democrat-media complex's attempts at spinning this as a minor issue.

* * *

Report on inflation is due out this week. I'm betting the government is going to claim that there's no inflation, the same way it's claimed that for the past fifteen-plus years.

* * *

The republicans in the house of representatives ousted the traitor Liz Cheney from her cushy committee seat. Ha! Haaa!

* * *

When I talk about the "democrat-media complex" I am not just blowing smoke. The media is giving the Biden "administration" the right to edit or veto stories before they run.

The American news media is just a propaganda organ for the democrat party.

* * *

Darwin is now being canceled. How deliciously ironic! That discussion is why the left has now descended into the insistence that logic itself is racism.

* * *

I'm a little unhappy that there are only three real science fiction movies. Interstellar, The Martian, and Arrival. And Mrs. Fungus and I have, within the last month, watched them all.

Tenet was amazing, but not on the level of those three; and it was really more of a spy movie than science fiction (though there is some overlap, of course, between the genres).

Having had the itch scratched, though, I find myself itching more, and there's nothing out there. Star Wars is basically space opera, good but not what I'm looking for. Star Trek is science fantasy.

I honestly don't know what I can do about this.

* * *

But because we had movie night on Mon and Tue, today I'm pretty wiped out. Watch excellent SF until midnight and then try to sleep--it doesn't work. Argh etc.

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