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#7643: Distillation to the essence

Kurt Schlichter explains what it will take for people to become interested in stopping all the nonsense that's shredding the inner cities.
...[the politicians'] constituents are not ready to force them to [do something about the rioting], not until the violence gets intolerably bad (and the liberals can tolerate a lot), or until the thugs push their luck by pushing into the suburbs and scaring the Trader Joe's chardonnay mommy set.

Then it's on like Donkey Kong, folks. To them, dead people in the ghetto are a statistic. Crime in the rich suburbs? That's a crisis.

It's all fun and games until it affects the white libs calling the shots. Word was that, during the [Rodney King] riots, Beverly Hills--a liberal bastion--had its PD just shut the city off from people of color for a few days. If you had melanin, you weren't getting in. And don't hold your breath waiting for the BHPD to be defunded even today.
Remember that one semi-famous douchebag who was cheering on the rioting and arson until it got to his neighborhood? That's exactly what ol' Kurt's talking about, there. The left is all for it--until and unless their neighborhoods are threatened, and then they will demand that the National Guard shoot all the criminals.

* * *

The problem is, the left has expended a hell of a lot of political capital to get where they are right now.
Perhaps the biggest potential mistake the establishment might have made was that they overestimated the reserve buoyancy of the political system. With Trump gone they assumed they could rule as before, spend as before, lecture as before. Even Joe could do it. If Joe Biden's woes are due to more than bad luck, it could be a sign that the design margin they had counted on for so long no longer exists.
The media has thrown away all pretense at neutrality, and has made obvious that it's the propaganda organ of the democrat party. The FBI has demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt that it's the political enforcement arm of the democrat party. The election contained a lot of obvious fuckery and the democrats have strenuously resisted any attempt to make sure it was honest, which is the opposite of what they'd do if they thought it was honest.

But the most important fact here is the one that the establishment does not seem to understand: Trump was a symptom, not a cause.

Trump didn't fool anyone to get into office; he told them what he was going to do, and he said it in ways that resonated with the attitudes of the people. He did what he said he was going to do, rather than finding excuses not to do them. Someone with no prior political experience--and yet, when he was in office, things got better, in ways that his predecessors said were impossible. Trump was an outsider, and he campaigned on doing things differently--and delivered. He turned skeptics into believers.

Yet Trump, or someone like him, could not have been elected in 1976 or 1980 or 1992 or even 2008. But by 2016, the people were so sick of being screwed by "business as usual", they were ready to vote for someone like Trump. The people did not want Jeb Bush or any of the other republican candidates, and they sure as hell didn't want Hillary Clinton.

Trump won because he wasn't a creature of the DC swamp. The people knew that if they elected Jeb Bush or any of the other 2016 mainstream candidates, they'd get another eight years of shit economy, ever-higher taxes, hidden inflation, hidden unemployment, and failure theater from a system that did not want to reform itself. All the republican candidates (save Trump) were "democrat lite" people, men who would--like George W. Bush before them--give the democrats everything they wanted and never, never ever veto a single bill unless it was pre-cleared for that by the caucus.

Trump's presidency was marred by a continuous onslaught from the democrat-media complex that was trying to take him down, and it would have been successful had Trump been like either Bush, or Gerald Ford, or even Ronald Reagan. But Trump fought back. That's what made the republican establishment get the vapors and take to their fainting couches; he had the bad taste actually to hit back when the democrats attacked him!

The people, however, loved it. That's why Trump's approval ratings increased with each new smear job. Well, that and the fact that the continuous anti-Trump reportage was so obviously a product of a biased press that some people began supporting Trump just because obvious oragnized campaign is obvious.

So they managed to get rid of Trump--and now they think they can go back to how they did things before 2017. But they're finding out that they cannot. Having had a taste of real leadership, the country will not willingly go back.

* * *

Well, today was Monday, but I managed to get a few things accomplished at work. So, I've got that going for me.

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