atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7644: I really hope that's not why Dad liked cashews.

When I was a kid, that's what Mom always said: Dad liked cashews. He never seemed to buy them for himself but he'd be happy to get them, and it never took him very long to eat them.

When the mother-in-law came by for Easter, Mrs. Fungus bought (among other things) a big jar of cashews. They didn't get eaten on Easter, so I was snacking on them. I'm trying to cut carbs, I figure nuts are much better for me than chips or cookies (or worse) and we have a $15 jug of them. Right? So I ate cashews. A lot of cashews. And then?

Output goes like clockwork.

Instead of everything being random and problematic, it all works like it ought to. Hydraulic pressure starts and builds gradually instead of being fine for a while and then suddenly WHERE'S THE CAN. Smooth, steady, consistent, normal.

And so?

I just opened the third can we've bought since mid-April. Besides the salubrious effect they have on my digestion, they make a great mid-morning snack. Even in that big $15 jar, they cost less than fiber supplements, and they work better!

* * *

I'm glad to see this. Supreme Court had a case before it which hinged on the Second and Fourth Amendments. Guy was in the hospital for a suicide evaluation; cops went into his house and took all his firearms without a warrant and without permission. The Supreme Court was unanimous in finding that the cops were in the wrong.

* * *

Left work three hours early today to have consult with doc, preparatory for a much-belated ass-rogering. Should have had one no later than 2018, but it's 2021. Yeah.

Anyway, I'm on track for that now. They're going to call me to set up a date for it, and of course it'll mean thirty-six hours of purging, which is gonna suck. But it's something that is necessary, so I will do it.


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