atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7646: Well, then

So, after the last post, I went out to the garage to tinker. Ended up partly painting the trim ring for the cupola, and slapping a second coat of paint on the other parts. While waiting for the paint to dry on the trim ring so I could flip it over, I worked on cleaning the workbench. In the process I found the Haynes manual for the Jeep and the battery charger for the pusher. I plugged the battery in and let it go while I worked; and when Mrs. Fungus got home I gave it a test and it tried to crank. So maybe it just needs charging.

Anyway I still have a way to go on that; Mrs. Fungus wanted to go out to Chili's for dinner. So I put everything away and put on a clean shirt and off we went.

Chili's: "It's a 45 minute to an hour wait." The restaurant was virtually empty. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings instead, and they were out of regular wings (the kind with the bone in it) and only had boneless wings. "National shortage", the sign on the door said.

Had dinner, then went to Meijer...and they let us shop without wearing masks! OK if you're vaccinated, they said, and we are!

We wanted to buy a pool. They didn't have any of the kind we bought last year; we're either too early or too late. Anyway I bought a new belt because the belt I've had for years, the loop broke while we were at the wings place.

So we'll have to try Target, later on, for the pool.

* * *

Meanwhile, prepatch for "Burning Crusade Classic" starts tonight at midnight my time. I don't think I'll be awake for it.

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