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#7649: Mundane and typical.

Today's "Back to BC", which is the old BC comic strips, features a couple of ants talking about money. "You don't see any unemployed ants, do you?" is the punchline.

Some wag commented, "You don't see any ants paying their 'fair share' of taxes, either."

In general, the comments to comic strips on tend to be one of three things. Either someone complaining that they didn't get the (usually obvious) joke, someone explaining the (usually obvious) joke, or someone thinking, incorrectly, that he is making a hilarious riff on the punchline. (I was going to say there are four things--the political reference--but really, those fall into the latter category, and are usually comments on this or that right-wing or conservative figure.)

That comment falls in the latter category.

Anyway, an ant colony is one of the few places in the real world that communism works, outside of the heads of leftists. They don't need a medium of exchange because every member is genetically hard-wired to be the perfect socialist.

* * *

Thursday night, I could not get it cool inside the bunker, so I gave up and turned on the AC. The temperature outside was heading towards the mid-60s but the hot air inside just would not move.

Left it on yesterday, because it was 85 outside; same kind of evening weather. And it's still on now, even though it's 80 outside, mainly because I expect it to hit mid-80s again. Usually this place becomes an oven when the temps are in the mid-80s.

Dewpoints have averaged around 60-ish. I don't know what I'll do when the dewpoints hit the 70s.

I'm not sure what happened to me. Thursday night I was sitting on the can and a muscle in my abdomen locked up tight. It felt like someone had hit me with a cattle prod. That muscle cramped so hard it strained itself; it bothered me all day yesterday, and even after I had a muscle relaxer pill last night, it is still uncomfortable.

Anyway, I came home from work and filched one of my wife's bottles of Gatorade, then laid in bed; and the muscle then felt like it was unrolling, like a retracting window blind. In fact, my entire body kind of felt like that, like my muscles were all relaxing.


Worked outside on Tuesday and sweated a bit in the mid-80 degree heat. I have been taking a diuretic to help my blood pressure medication do its thing, and it occurred to me that it might be throwing my electrolytes out of whack--at least, when I start working and sweating.

So I'm thinking that I'm going to have to start drinking some Gatorade every day. Is high blood pressure really all that bad?? *sigh*

* * *

Guys, I shouldn't need to say this, but never use a torque wrench as a breaker bar. Seriously. If it's a click-type, you'll wreck the mechanism.

* * *

With the return of warm weather, my eyes are turning towards that carboard box in the basement, which contains the bicycle motorizing kit I bought late last year. I want to put it onto my old mountain bike, and see how it rides. But it may not remain permanently on that bike; I might find another use for it. Depends on how creative I start feeling.

* * *

Watching "Budget Buildz" on YutsTub, because he's got a multi-part series (part 25 went up yesterday) where he took a Porsche 911 Targa from a junkyard and is rebuilding it. Total ground-up restoration; he stripped it down to the bare body and replaced a bunch of rusty parts, and now the thing is being reassembled. Today's bit, he put on front and rear bumpers, and now is doing the wiring. If there is any restoration task which is more tedious than wiring, I don't know what it is. And even for a relatively simple car like a Beetle there is still a ton of wiring to do. The 911 he's working on is an older air-cooled model, but he hasn't talked a lot about the engine so I've no idea if it's carb or fuel injection. FI would really complicate the wiring for the rear end....

* * *

So, I'm hearing tell that SpaceX's next thing is to try an orbital flight of a Starship. That makes sense to me; they stuck the landing with #15 so of course now they need to try sticking the landing from orbit.

Apparently they took SN15 and stuck it back on a launch pad. They're building SN20 now. And I hear tell that they're also building a Super Heavy.

The orbital flight will send a Starship around the world, and they're going to try recovering it just off Hawaii. I don't know if it's a suborbital trajectory, or if they're going to let it go around a while before doing a deorbit burn. Either way it's damned cool and I can't wait to see it.

* * *

I tend to avoid videos which feature women fixing cars and other mechanical things. They remind me too much of the car show that some channel was running for a while, which featured three women doing various things with cars; there was no meat to it. I don't know how to explain it; it just seemed as if they were lightweights, even though one of them was Jessi Combs, who died not long ago, in an accident related to making a land speed record attempt. She got her start on Extreme 4x4 and had done actual mech work, things like welding and fabrication--so I know she had the chops for serious car work.

The few times that I've watched videos where women do car work, they have not appealed to me, because I seem to detect a faint air of "I automatically get views and likes for doing this!" It's like a transsexual man entering womens' sports; it's an automatic win.

Oh well.

* * *

Anyway, it's the peaceful Saturday before the Great Colon Blow begins. I am not looking forward to it. I can eat whatever I want today, but tomorrow--well, I'm starting the day with eggs over easy (no toast or bacon, worse luck) because eggs are extremely low residue, but after that it'll be nothing but clear liquids until after the procedure on Monday afternoon.

* * *

In WoW, the Burning Crusade prepatch went live, so people are making Draenei and Blood Elves. I'm still working on my gnome warlock. I should probably get on old Ormus and do the prepatch stuff; we've got only about eight days before the expansion goes live. The thing is, a lot of the quests have been reduced in difficulty, but in a welcome way. You see, with Classic, you start a quest chain, and eventually--when you get to the end of it--there's one or two elite quests that you need to do, and you can't solo them. In Burning Crusade, though, they've been converted to regular quests, and the targets are no longer elites, and you can do them alone. So I've been clearing out my warlock's quest log.

Anyway, next step will be to go to Outland, but that's not until June 1.

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