atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7658: All we need is a big volcano.

So, today, May 28, high temp was barely 50. I had to turn the heat back on; it was 66 in here when I got up this morning, and because the sky was predicted to be leaden all day I knew it wasn't going to warm up.

I think we're one good Krakatoa from another "year without a summer". Or? Well, how many volcanoes have erupted in the last month?

I wonder how this compares to Pinatubo in 1992 which shot so much crap into the air, the global temperature anomaly (GTA) dropped 0.5 degrees. In fact, that one eruption wiped out any contribution humans could possibly have made to raising the GTA.

* * *

As usual, the hate crime was nothing but a hoax. There are no real examples they can point to, because whites are so racist, they stubbornly refuse to prove their racism by actually oppressing black people, so they must manufacture the hate crimes to prove that whites are racist. This is also an excuse for white people to oppress the people who perpetrate the hoax.


* * *

Ah, my three-day weekend awaits.

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