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#7662: I don't know who watches it.

So, Indy 500 starts soon. I was looking up when the race would start and there are some four plus hours of "pre-race show" ahead of it. Which means four hours of unceasing, useless babble from idiots whose job it is to sit in front of the camera and talk, endlessly, about nothing whatsoever.

They talk to the drivers, giving them an opportunity to be seen on TV in their new race suits brave with sponsor logos, and to thank the sponsor for supporting their teams, but the answers they give are just as meaningless as the questions. They talk endlessly about track conditions, weather conditions, how hot/cold/mild/windy/humid it is, spouting minutia about what effect the weather will have on engines/tires/aerodynamics. The endless bloviation and discussion and analysis of nothing whatsoever strikes me as a colossal waste of everyone's time.

...but it sounds as if they're finishing the pre-race pageantry now. They did the 21-gun salute, played "Taps"; some moron is currently yodeling the national anthem. Someone else will yodel "Sweet Home Indiana" or whatever that song is that Jim Nabors used to uluate. Then the drivers strap on their cars and the order comes: "Gentlemen, start your engines." Vroom. Half a dozen pace laps, and then the thing finally begins.

I never had a great deal of patience for pomp and circumstance, but as I get older my patience for it wears even more thin, particularly when it comes to sporting events. This is a car race; they're not crowning a new pope or something.


* * *

No, it will make a fantastically big target for space-capable enemies to hit.
If [space-based solar power experiment] is successful, it could one day give the US military a great advantage on the modern battlefield and an unlimited source of energy for forward operating bases. This will also allow for bases to power future weapons, such as lasers and rail guns.
It takes a coffee can full of BBs, propelled into the right orbit, to wreck a solar power satellite.

* * *

Oh yeah, you shitheads really struck a major blow for the Palestinian cause, there. We stand in awe of your strategic genius.
For us, revolutionary solidarity can't mean mere words or symbolic gestures; it means putting our entire bodies into the struggle and causing material damage to the war machine.
They burned A van and damaged the building's exterior. Pratt and Whitney--and, by extension, Raytheon--won't even notice the destruction of the van, not even if they paid to replace the van out of their own pockets and didn't file an insurance claim.

If we play along with your delusion that you actually did something here, would you shut up and go away?

* * *

(this is the part where I left the keyboard to watch the race and make fun of the commentary)

* * *

Well, as was so astutely predicted by one commentator for an Indy 500 of a previous year, there was a winner. Whee!

* * *

I can very easily see how this could happen.
By forcing white people into an untenable corner this way, based on the assumption that it will render them more complacent, they're actually radicalizing many who had always been perfectly fine with placid coexistence with ethnic and racial Others before. The very move the idjit Left thought would subdue and pacify whypeepo (BCE's term, which I'm pleased to swipe) is creating a veritable army of people who are now becoming fully Woke to the unfortunate truth of the slogan the color of your skin is your uniform.
The thing that I really fear is the left getting what it wants, and having white people actually become the racist ogres that they pretend they are. The results would not be pretty.

* * *

The left can only bring destruction and poverty to the people who are subject to its whim.

* * *

To the left, all the upsides of personal transportation are anathema. They want you to be forced to use public transportation, instead of being able to go where you want, when you want.

* * *

Women used to try to avoid having blue hair.
In a time when volunteer opportunities abound, from assembling food donations for distribution to the money-challenged masses, to checking on home-bound neighbors, to organizing a neighborhood grocery pickup (which would minimize the need for multiple people to interact in public), to helping out online students with tutoring, why the hell would you decide that the only thing that would relieve your boredom would be to spend money painting your locks with not-found-in-nature color?
Go back to my post where I talked about "freaking out the squares". That's all it is.

* * *

Anyway, with the race over, I get to further excite my day by helping my wife shop for curtains. Such a stimulating life I lead.

But, hey--maybe I'll get some food out of the deal.

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