atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#765: Nothing

Nothing in the news, nothing good in the spam box, nothing going on that I can really talk about--nothing.


The weather here has been miserable. We didn't get all that much freezing rain, fortunately, but it's been cold and wet for three days. I guess I don't really mind it all that much. The weather was worst on Monday night into Tuesday morning, but I was driving the big truck at work and it doesn't mind a little bit of slush.


I keep giving a little bit of thought, here and there, to various ideas, but nothing has really gelled. I'm kind of in the mood to do some drawing, but not enough of a mood actually to draw anything worthwhile. Now, if I were sitting at the warehouse and waiting for the truck driver to get there, rather than driving the truck myself, things would be different....


There is a strange light in the sky. (this part is being written at 8:20 AM. I said there was NOTHING happening.) It is the east, and I think that light was called...the...SUN.

Yeah. The sun.

Work tonight. Guess I should sleep soon.

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