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#7663: The signs are going away

I almost did not wear a mask into the near grocery store. There are no longer any signs on the doors saying you have to wear one. I looked at the people inside who were all masked and thought, Eh, screw it and put my mask on, because I am going to the store to buy groceries, not to debate the ascientific demands of the CDC.

Over in Indiana, most places let you go maskless if you're vaccinated. I am, so no mask, damn it. But again, because I am not interested in debating our government's ascientific horseshit with the mask-as-security-blanket crowd, I keep one on me until I see the sign on the door.

For better or for worse I got the stupid shot. I did not take the mRNA shot, and I'm glad of that since we're now hearing some really interesting stories about what the mRNA shots are and how they work.

The J&J shot is basically spike proteins (aka virus fragments) in the usual soup of stuff they make vaccines with. A conventional vaccine, in other words. I'm not as worried about it as I am about what the mRNA shots do. They're finding mRNA in the nucleus of cells (mRNA does not naturally migrate into the nucleus, it must be forced to go there with an additional chemical--transcriptase, I think?) and it turns out that if mRNA doesn't get into the nucleus it's eliminated from the body in about 10 hours. So it sounds as if they're doing gene-splicing with this crap, which does not make a lot of sense to me. What good does it do to include the coding for spike proteins in our DNA? Do we understand our DNA enough to be tampering with it on such a mass scale?

I just looked it up. Reverse transcriptase is an enzyme which viruses use to patch their RNA into the cell's DNA, so that it makes viruses. You put reverse transcriptase into the vaccine with the mRNA and you're modifying the human genome. Totally safe, right?


Anyway, looks like I was right to be paranoid about mRNA.

* * *

One man with principles leaves burn-loot-murder after realizing it's a socialist graft organization and not actually in it to help black people.

* * *

Cloudy today, no rain predicted, low seventies--perfect weather to cut the grass and do car maintenance.

Not right now, though.

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