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#7667: Science! Science, I say!

Everything the government told us about the Wuhan Flu turned out to be wrong.

COVID-19 is a form of viral pneumonia that is not markedly better or worse for you than any of a half-billion other types of pneumonia, and if you're elderly or you have emphysema or you weigh eight times your proper weight, then yes, your risk of dying from it is higher than the risk faced by a perfectly healthy 18-year-old kid. 80% of the people who contract the thing don't experience any symptoms from it. Of the remaining 20%, only a few percent require more medical intervention than rest, plenty of fluids, and maybe chicken soup. If you do end up in that 20% the actually suffers from the infection, its duration and severity can be reduced with a regimen of Ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine, possibly in conjunction with an antibiotic and zinc supplements. The single most effective way to avoid contracting the virus is to wash your hands with soap and water after contact with infected people.

I know this to be the case because this common-sense approach to the "pandemic" is the one that the government did not follow.

* * *

It wasn't fraud, it was just a glitch! And it's funny how all the glitches just happen to add up in the same direction.

You know, how "global warming" is the result of monotonic adjustments to the temperature record.

* * *

I don't know where it's coming from, but I've seen a couple of mentions that some people think Trump's going to be back in the White House by August.

It's not possible.

Look, I'm as pissed off about the "fortified" election as anyone else is, but we need to face facts. The only way Trump is back in the White House is if the entire Gangster Party apparatus ends up arrested. Evidence that the election was not only rigged but outright stolen would have to convince our military--the same one currently undergoing an ideological purge!--to arrest every sitting politician that had any knowledge or involvement in it, and put them on trial. Once the shooting stops, hold fresh elections where if you do not show up with your government-issued photo ID, you don't vote, period.

August is three months away. That's not enough time to arrange an election, let alone do all the other stuff. It's not very likely.

Second version: something comes before the supreme court for which they can't ignore, claim "no standing", or "moot point", and they end up going off the audited count that strips out all the "fortified" votes. Trump won the election after all!

In that case, the election was nonetheless certified, however incorrectly, by congress. Can the SC overturn that? Would they? Would they say, "Biden's not our president and everything he did in office is therefore null and void"? The left would explode if that happened and the lives of the justices of the court wouldn't be worth a plug nickel. Very unlikely.

Third version: military ousts the Biden regime (as above) and installs Trump as "interim" president of an "interim" government, and he serves the rest of the term. Can he run again in 2024, considering that he wasn't elected but "installed"? Also not likely.

There is only one thing that is certain: heap big juju is coming down the pike. It's not going to be fun.

* * *

Where do I get some? They're actually developing the technology to regenerate teeth!

* * *

Over on Mustie1's YotoToobu channel he resurrected a kid-size Suzuki 80cc dirt bike.

The video of him riding it--that thing must have exactly the same bits and pieces as my dirt bike because it sounded exactly the same.

Getting that thing restored is somewhere on the list....

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