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#7670: I don't get why I feel wrecked today

90% of the work I did Thursday and Friday was sitting at a desk, moving a mouse. I particularly did not use my upper body very much. If anything, I'd expect my legs to be achy after climbing 50 stairs multiple times.

I know that--as one ages--it takes longer for the body to respond to challenges or insults. Is that what it is? I'm merely "feeling the burn" from the previous weekend's efforts? That seems like an awfully long time.

I think it's more likely that I simply do not realize how much physical effort I expended, because my mind was on solving the problem and not paying attention to cataloging each effort that went into it.

* * *

The laws of supply and demand work, if they are allowed to. So the price of lumber is apparently beginning to come back down from the stratosphere, because the high price is encouraging extra production while reducing demand.

We're going to have a lot of these kinds of shortages happening for a while. Our economy has largely moved to a "just in time" paradigm, but the unnecessary and ineffective lockdowns screwed that up to a considerable extent. None of the prices are going to go back to what they were before the Wuhan Flu nonsense began--the government printed too much money for that--but they should ease some.

* * *

So, "Burning Crusade" happened over on WoW Classic, and the starting zone for it--Hellfire Peninsula--has been jam-packed with players.

Seriously--I was running a quest in a sub-zone called Zeth'Gor, where you have to kill NPC orcs in order to get a certain number of quest goal objects, only because so many players were doing those quests, I had to wait for new targets to spawn. When the spawn rate is well-matched to the number of players who are in the subzone, it's actually a lot of fun.

* * *

Today, I have no plans.

I'm wanting to put up the new curtains in the master bedroom sometime this weekend. Other than that, I am going to act only as the spirit moves me.
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