atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7679: ALWAYS read the fine print

Because sometimes it's in your favor!

...I just obviated one of my errands by double-checking payment methods for the property tax. Turns out that if you pay with an e-check (rather than using a debit or credit card) you don't pay a service fee. Done.

The only reason I read the property tax bill when it arrived was to confirm the due date. Turns out they've made some adjustments to how you can pay it, so the actual due date for the first half is in August, rather than June. They're also letting you pay in four installments rather than two. They are making tax slavery more convenient.

I just paid the first half, due in August, right now, because that way I now only need to worry about paying the second half by November. Halloween will be a good day to pay that.

The tax figure was lower this year than last, and that worried me--were valuations slipping?--but during today's scrutiny I discovered that the homestead exemption was finally applied, which is what cut our tax bill. Saved us nearly $800. Woohoo.

Makes sense, as we took full ownership of the place in mid-2019, and homestead exemption doesn't kick in partway through a tax year.

* * *

Last night, Mrs. Fungus gave all the cats a treat--whipped cream--and Smudge turned psychotic. I have not seen that animal run around that fast, and he was attacking and licking and chewing everything that he got close to. My wife started to worry about his mental health when it came to be bedtime and he was still rocketing around at mach nine. "Hyperactive" was the word that escaped me at the time.

Probably not a good idea to give something with sugar in it to a ten-week-old kitten.

* * *

Paying the property tax was the big errand I had to run. I'm considering not doing the others today; I took this day to have a day off from everything, yet here I am handling business. Argh etc.

Well...wouldn't hurt to go get a burger and maybe stop at the store for a few sundries. Supposedly Illinois has finally gone, more or less, mask-optional.

The left wants us to remain in panic mode over this thing, but let's face it: Wuhan Flu is over, guys. Vaccination rates have cratered. The lockdowns are easing. And by the way, Trump was right about hydroxychloroquine, and the flareup in India has demonstrated that Ivermectin works. The people aren't going to stand for any more of this horseshit, so you might as well get used to it.

If they tried to lock us down again because infection rates started going up, I feel like it would prompt a revolt. At least, I'd hope it would.

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