atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7686: No way is that dewpoint 57.

I went out to the garage to do a few little tasks, and by the time I came in I was sweating like a pig. Weather site claims 77 degrees and 57 degree dewpoint, and I call "shenanigans" on that horseshit.

You see, I bought a few things other than the belt for the washing machine this past Thursday.

I've been looking at the dirt bike; and ever since I cleaned the workbench and reorganized the cabinet over it--and found the new piston for the dirt bike--I have been thinking I ought to put that sucker back together and see how it runs.

A few problems, though.

First, because it's a two-cycle engine, it's inherently noisy. Not much I can do about that, but I do know that there is supposed to be fiberglas matting wrapped around the core of the muffler insert. There isn't. How to fix that?

Second, the transmission leaks. The engines in two-cycle bikes are lubed with the gas-oil mix, and use gear oil to lube their transmissions. As far as I know, the actual crankcase of this bike has never been split, but other covers and housings have been removed. Gaskets are available but a full set is kind of spendy. How to fix that?

Wandering around Ace with the belt for the washer under one arm, I found fiberglas matting (for repairing fiberglas items) and gasket material. Aha.

Anyway that stuff knocked around the kitchen until a little while ago, when I took it out to the garage and put it in the cabinet, so I won't be able to find it later.

(SIC: I meant to say "won't".)

Took care of some other maintenance things, like cleaning off the place I usually store the welder and restoring it to that place. Organized the oil bottles and got them stowed properly, then got out the RoundUp and hosed down the weeds in the driveway and back patio.

We did not set up the pool this weekend, though. Too rainy yesterday, too wiped today. Both Mrs. Fungus and I have been extra-tired for no really good reason. I'd like to do it during the week, if possible, but who knows how that will work out? is forecast to be upper 70s, low to mid 80s, for the next 10 days.

* * *

I still have my eye on getting a platform-style bike lift. I want the platform type because that way you can work on all kinds of heavy things on it. Roll it onto the platform, pump it up, presto.

But it is probably not going to happen this week.

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