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#7690: That took everything,

Doing the alternator in the wife's car did for my day, though. I had originally intended to work on a motorcycle or motorized bicycle tonight, after work. There had been some discussion of getting started on setting up the pool. But my wife needs her car.

Nice thing: replaced the alternator last in June of 2017, when it started making bad noises. "So, I put the alternator in, and it's a lifetime warranty part, so if it does this again, it's two hours and a trip to the parts store. No problem." So, the replacement part today did not cost me anything. And it was actually less than two hours; it took me half an hour to get the alternator out of the car and maybe an hour to get it back in, just because I had to grind a bushing a bit so it would fit over the mount on the engine, and then I had to get a nut off the battery hold-down. Oh, and all the bolts are fine-thread bolts, and getting the belt back on was an exercise in frustration.

The car now has twice the mileage on it than it did when I last replaced the alternator. If we keep it much longer I'm going to want to replace the serpentine belt.

* * *

Getting the nut off that hold-down: I wire-wheeled the rust off, hit the nut with a propane torch, and--to my surprise--it came off nicely, the way they're supposed to. Once I got it hot, it unscrewed very easily, just making a bit of noise as it did. Almost as if I knew what I was doing.

It'd be awfully nice if they all came off like that.

* * *

Anyway, it was a day of low humidity, and now it's getting very cool outside. Of course the tow truck had left the car in the driveway with its front end facing out, so I got to bake in the sun while working on the thing; naturally I was sweating like a pig even though it was actually a very comfortable day.

But once everything was back together it started right up, thanks to being on the battery charger the entire time I was working on it; the belt squealed a bit so I tightened it a bit more, and it was nice and quiet thereafter.

* * *

While I'm waiting for MangaDex to work the kinks out of their new site, I've been reading Horimiya, which is really really good.

* * *

Anyway, that's Tuesday. I really hope Wednesday is better.

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