atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7693: Certainly feels like summer out there

But for how long?

Set up the pool yesterday and got maybe six inches of water into it before I turned off the hose and went inside. Of course the water was orange; what else?

The Fungal Vale used to have pretty good water. People from other places said it wasn't, but it was clean and clear and the only time there was visible rust in it was when the village flushed the hydrants. My late friend DB lived with his dad out in an unincorporated area, and they had their own well. Because their well was rather shallow, they had to filter and treat and soften the hell out of their water, and it was still rusty and smelled bad. I didn't like having anything to do with their water when I was over there because of that.

The Fungal Vale water is now very much like that. Today, many decades later, the water is frequently rusty, and I have to periodically flush the water heater because it starts generating hydrogen sulfide. Not only is the water quality worse than ever, but they're not adding enough chlorine to it, either--probably because some eco-nazi anus complained about how bad it was for the environment.

I'll probably have to do that this weekend, in fact: drain the thing, add a cup of bleach, fill it and let it do its thing again. I'm tired of smelling rotten eggs every time I open the hot water tap.


Anyway, for the pool, I'll have to add flocculent and then vacuum the thing, though I don't know if our cheapie pool vacuum can catch the rust particles. Worst case it ends up in the filter, and then I can just change filters and rinse the rust out.

Anyway, Sunday's projected high is 86, and that's the last time the temperature is expected to be that high. For the next week after that, no projected high gets above 84, and the average temp for the entirety of next week is 78--there are just three days projected to be above 80--and that is not exactly swimming weather, not when you're talking about an unheated pool.

Why is it so hot this weekend? Because I didn't put the pool up last weekend, that's why. Why is it going to be cool next week? Because I put the pool up.

* * *

On the plus side, I managed to get a few things done at work today, and my monthly one-on-one went better than I was expecting it to go.

When I got up this morning, I went to set the thermostat at 76, and stepped in cat puke: someone had hurled a huge hairball. After that, the toilet overflowed. I was confident today was going to suck.

But it didn't. So, that's fine, then.

* * *

The fireflies are back. Woohoo!

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