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#7694: Built!

So, wanting to do something other than sit at the computer, but not wanting to be outside in the heat, I turned the water on to fill the pool, then went after my Christmas present from Mrs. Fungus.


The old grill went out with the trash, something like six weeks ago. I wheeled it around the house and left it at the curb and it was gone before sundown. Because the replacement drip shield had rusted to death again, and because the replacement burner bar (after the original rusted to death) never really did work right, and because the spark ignitor was incompatible with the generic "fits all" burner bar, and....

I think Dad got it for Mom for Christmas in 1994. FFS. It was a mere 27 years old.

New grill is a Weber gas grill, three burner, electronic ignition. It came in an enormous box (which is why this happened, third vignette down) and has been sitting in one corner of our living room or another since it arrived Dec 4.

Armed with some basic tools, and a drill/screwdriver (a present from a different Christmas) I cut a side off the box and started unpacking. I am always amazed at how products like this are designed for easy assembly. I needed two tools: a phillips (or posidrive) screwdriver, and a 7/16" wrench. The instructions were almost entirely pictorial, and they were clear enough that I didn't make any mistakes while putting the thing together. It didn't even take that long.

Wife got home almost immediately after I was finished putting it together. I was in the garage getting a contractor trash bag, so I told her, gravely, "I made a huge mess in the living room."

"What happened? Did you throw up?"

"Well,'re just going to have to see it."


Anyway, there was a tex-mex place she wanted to try, so we went out for dinner, and ate very tasty food that didn't cost a lot. Next step was to hit the store for pills and sundries, and then home again.

I had turned the hose on when I got home; we got about a mile away from the bunker before I realized I hadn't turned it off. The pool was perhaps half full, so I couldn't let it run. Turned around, turned it off, hied forth again.

So the pool sits this morning, half-full of orange water. *sigh* Have to go outside at some point and crank the valve open again, but then I'll need to keep an eye on it because it won't take very long to fill the rest of the way. A typical garden hose can supply between 9 and 17 gallons a minute, which is 540 to 1020 per hour, and the pool is roughly 3600 gallons. Owing to the fact that two hours got it maybe halfway (from the start it got Thursday night) I'm thinking we're looking at something like 600-700 gallons an hour. Considering that the longer a hose is the lower the flow rate, and that we have to run a hose from the front spigot since the back spigot is no good, 10 gpm is probably about right.

So, last night, in the two hours we were gone, that pool would probably have been overflowing if I had not turned the water off...and guess where that water would have ended up.

* * *

Raconteur Report thinks that Portland is looking at citizens taking over for riot police. The riot police who resigned from being riot police, en masse, after one of them was indicted for doing his job.

RR thinks that clearance rates for antifa goblin shootings is going to be abysmal. I have to wonder, but I doubt he's far wrong...if he's wrong at all.

* * *

This is kind of neat. I did a little fiddling with the bar graph thing, and maybe I'll use that for comedic effect some time.

Also kind of neat, Cistercian numerals, which is basically a way to encode a 4-digit number into a single character. For example, a cipher shaped like the letter I would encode 1,111.

* * *

Smudge also does this. "You always choose violence. I should have ordered glutinous rice chicken."

* * *

Damn it. This site was the source of that quote; they used to have a huge list of bad English translations from Hong Kong movies on it. Guess they had to take it down because "racism" or some such horseshit.

Somehow I have managed to hang onto links from the dawn of the Internet (shortly after Al Gore invented it and I got an AOL account). I am always surprised when those old links work at all.

* * *

And so, it's early Saturday afternoon, and that pool won't fill if I don't turn the water back on. Whee!

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