atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7696: Okay, I'm irritated now

Fucking float ring went flat again, so I went outside and started going around the circumference of the damned thing to find the next leak.

Brand new pool, came out of the box Thursday night, should not have leaks. Okay, something chewed on it--why is there a pair of punctures a third of the way around the circumference?

I had to get my wife out to help me. She found some bubbles (which were just from spraying the soapy water) but on my way to grab the bottle of soapy water to double-check I happened to see anomalous ripples, which led me to another leak. I patched it, and now we're going to see if I got it, or if we'll have to dive in again.

I think there is a moral to this story: do not set up your Intex EasySet pool if you are not intending to fill it right the fuck up to full the same day, because if you have critters around?

I am still running off the assumption that this is critter damage, and not some asshole doing something because he can't stand people minding their own business and having fun in their own back yard. I would expect factory defects to have a different kind of appearance to what I'm seeing here.

Understand this: the circumference of a 15-foot-wide pool is 47 feet. And with this nonsense, every last damned inch has to be inspected very closely.

The outside having been inspected thoroughly, if it's still leaking, it's got to be on the inside...and that means I get to kneel in freezing water and inspect every inch of the thing a third time.

The frustrating thing about this leak is that I had pushed in on the ring and looked for bubbles. This leak is pernicious enough that it won't make obvious bubbles unless there's enough pressure in the ring to make them. Argh etc.

But the pool is nearly full of water now. If I can get the damned float ring to remain full of air, we'll have ourselves a swimming pool.

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