atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7697: It's going back.

Float ring flat AGAIN. In next to no time. This is a brand new pool and there is NO FUCKING WAY there are this many punctures in it due to animal activity.

Set it up to drain, and as I'm trying to get things squared away the fucking pool side collapses (because no pressure in float ring) and it starts dumping water directly onto the lawn. So I had to pump it up again.

So we'll take it back to the store, have them ship us a new pool, and this time I'll set up my work iPhone as a time-lapse camera to watch the pool, so if anything goes wrong with it we can see if it's human fuckery, or what.

And if it is human fuckery...well, I will be very unhappy about it and I will press charges.

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