atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7701: You can't spell "inertia" without "inert".

A little while after I finished the last post, Mrs. Fungus suggested we go lay down, and I held out my arm and said "Twist my arm," and that was it for me.

Mrs. Fungus woke me up and here I am, but left to my own devices I would still be in bed. The headache went away, but I still feel pretty lousy.

I don't really mind not getting anything done on a weekend per se but the sooner I get that defective pool drained, the sooner we can take it back and get a refund and the sooner we can...oh, hell, I don't want to think about setting up a pool right now.


The idea of doing any physical work right now is just anathema anyway. I suppose this is a natural consequence of all the things I've been doing over the past weeks. Have I had a day where I didn't do anything at all, where I didn't have some physical labor to do? I'm too tired to go through the last dozen or so posts but I'll bet that's so; after all, last week I was complaining that I wanted to work on the dirt bike or motorizing a bicycle with the engine kit, and have not been able to do either because of everything else that's been going on.

Too much activity=tired Fungus. I think that makes sense.

* * *

Watching this Mustie1 video where he tries to revive a bass boat--when he takes the cover off the outboard moter I was shocked at how much nonsense is under it. It's a compact V6 engine, apparently two-cycle, and it's got half a million wires and hoses. Of course outboard boat engines evolved the same way automobile engines did, so they've got electronic controls and so forth, but holy shit....

I get that the motor has to be self-contained, but then why is there a 2-inch bundle of hoses and wires going from the boat to the motor? That is in addition to, by the way, the fuel and oil lines!

* * *

Smudge seems to be settling in now. He's started to sleep with us; though he still protests when picked up he's no longer doing so every time. Just now I saw him playing and said, "Are you having fun, Smudge?" and he meowed back at me, so I think he's also learning his name.

* * *

Weather for the next few days is expected to be cool. Highest forecast temp of the week is Thursday, at 85, but after that it's below 80 until next Monday. Dew points are below 60 until then, and the humidity looks like it'll stay comfortably low until Friday. But right now it's warm and sticky outside.

* * *

I often tell people that I have two speeds, run and stop. I'm not very good at working slowly; I'm either working or I'm sitting.

And so I just caught myself wishing I had the energy to go out to the garage and work on something. You see, that is what I'm talking about.

And FFS it's 9 PM on a work night. I should just take my pills and go to bed.

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