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#7702: Okay, now it's draining

Went to Harbor Freight and dropped $60 on a cheap-ass sump pump. Came home and pulled the dead pump from the window well, found that not only did the check valve not fit the new one, but the pool hose is a hair too small for the other side.

Well: I managed to fix the "too small" problem by wrapping the thing with duct tape. The shear strength of duct tape is not too shabby and I'm not dealing with high pressures, here. Screwed it in, and it stayed fine. Used the extant discharge hose running from the window well, and it took maybe half an hour or so to pump the pool down to the point I could get at the drain fitting and attach the hose.

The check valve did blow out one time, but I just screwed it right back in again, and then it stayed.

Since I have the new sump pump, I think I'm going to muck out the window well with a post hole digger and get some gravel down in there, and then put the new sump pump in place of the old one. And then, affix the dryer vent cap, and some kind of real cover for the damned thing rather than that piece of chicken wire, vintage 1994. The cover won't keep out much water but it will look better.

Of course, I can also take the window out and stand on a stepstool and use a trowel, and take dirt up in buckets. We'll see which works better for me. I'll need to take the window out anyway, because I'll need to thread the power cord for the sump pump through where the old sump pump's wire goes.

But that is a task for another day.

* * *

Extremely cool weather today, as predicted. We had a lot of thunderstorm activity last night, starting maybe around 10-ish. It was very nice.

* * *

So, this year, I kept an eye on the sunrise/sunset/etc times over the past week or so.

Here's how it went:
June 18: Tomorrow (19) daylight will be 8 seconds longer.
June 19: Tomorrow (20) daylight will be 4 seconds longer.
June 20: Tomorrow (21) daylight will be 1 second longer.
June 21: Tomorrow (22) daylight will be 2 seconds shorter.
So there we are: the dwell point of the analemma, where the rate of change of the length of daylight goes from positive to negative. It'll be interesting to see how much shorter daylight will be on the 23rd but the weather site hasn't updated their stats yet.

The rate of change is, of course, at its maximum around the equinoxes--several minutes per day--so that's also kind of interesting.

* * *

Today, to be a smartass, I posted a three-word post on Fatzboobs, and was immediately fact-checked:

Notice that a) I did not specify which vaccine nor did I mention what side effects. All I did was say "Vaccine side effects!" and Fakebutt's bots felt it necessary to explain that Wuhan Flu vaccines go through safety tests.

It's really funny, especially considering that leftists work about the same way: say something, and they emit a canned response to it.

* * *

"So? I'm intellectual and stuff!" John Cusack is not the brightest bulb in the box. I'd contest the point Ace makes that he can't act; he's competent at what he does for a living. I do believe that his best roles were the ones he did when he was still a teenager, though; once he hit his twenties he went through his "edgy" phase, and after that--well.

Lloyd Dobler (Say Anything) was not nearly as good a performance as Walter Gibson (Sure Thing) was.

Disclaimer: Sure Thing is my favorite movie, the only movie directed by Rob Reiner that I ever liked at all.

But I agree with Ace; John Cusack opened his mouth and "removed all doubt". Definitely did not cover himself with glory, there.

* * *

It did not look like it was any good, anyway. In The Heights got canceled because it was going to compete with Speiberg's West Side Story.

* * *

This is not a bad goal to shoot for. Turning back the constitutional clock to 1819--we could do a hell of a lot worse.

Of course it is politically impossible. But we ought to try.

* * *

It's so nice and quiet without all the fans running.

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