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#7703: Started on it!

Unboxed the parts, got the mountain bike down from the hooks on the ceiling, and started doing things.

So far, the only step I've really completed is getting the rear sprocket on. I test-fitted the motor and found that I need longer studs for the front mount. Still, it doesn't look as if there will be a great many snags in the assembly process. I expect that I'll probably need to make a few runs to the hardware store but everything seems to be reasonably straightforward.

I'm going to have to move the controls over a bit, and I'm going to have to fiddle and adjust a bunch of things. I've already had to remove the water bottle holder. Maybe I can sling it on the underside of the bar; I really wanted to get the water bottle painted and decaled to look like a NOS bottle. The perfect accessory for a 50cc motorized bicycle!

Having finally removed the motor from its protective zip lock bag, I removed a few covers and had a gander at things. It's dead simple: engine crank has a small gear that turns a larger gear, which contains the clutch, and the clutch turns the sprocket. There were a few molecules of grease on these gears; I put some more on and then worked it around a bit.

Small magneto for the ignition on the opposite side, two wires that go to the coil. A pushbutton kill switch integrated with the mount for the twist throttle, and a hand lever for the clutch. Looks like the clutch is meant to go on the right hand side--there's a catch to hold the clutch in so you can ride the bike normally--but I'm not going to do that.

The big problem I see with this particular design is that clutch, in fact. I would have preferred a centrifugal clutch, and there's no way to convert this thing to use one. Well, what do I expect? I didn't pay $120 for the kit, FFS. You pay more for an automatic!

Anyway, I'll keep chipping away at it, here and there. I'll get some threaded rod of the right diameter and thread pitch tomorrow and make new studs, and get the motor mounted permanently; then turn my attention to the other matters.

Eventually, then, I'll put fuel in the tank and try starting it. Whee!

* * *

The pool is drained and I flipped it over to dry out. We're going to try to take it back tomorrow.

* * *

Damn it, the Babylon Bee got me again. It was the "100% totally female weightlifter" phrase that tipped me off. But I was about to tell Mrs. Fungus about it (she and I were talking about that nonsense the other day).

* * *

"Georgia claims it conducted a secret 2020 ballot review looking for fraud, but claims it found nothing in the box it opened." Yeah, I know what happened. They opened a box, looked at whatever was on top, and said, "Nope! No fraud here!"

* * *

People are starting to state in public that the Biden regime's days are numbered. And they don't mean "Biden out and Harris in", either; they mean something else. The post makes the point that Biden's presidency is caught between three lies, all of which are starting to unravel, and with increasing velocity: Wuhan Flu, the "fortified" election, and the economy.

Trump points out that he has not conceded the 2020 election. "Something appears to be up," Vox Day says. He continues:
What, exactly, I don't know, but the Chinese are very quiet, the Russians are being openly scornful of the Fake President, and the European governments are either falling, preparing to be ousted, or distancing themselves from the USA.
The G7 summit was a disaster for the Biden regime, because it made plain exactly how many cylinders Biden is firing on. (Hint: not even a majority of them.)

Going back to that prior link--to be blunt, I hadn't even considered the economy in all this.

The lockdown threw a hell of a lot of sand into the economic gearbox, but while Trump's policies were turning things around he really needed a second turn to cement that--and didn't get it. The economic crash of 2008-2009 was papered over with government spending and there was absolutely no opportunity for bad debts to be cleared.

The lockdowns brought the economy to a shuddering halt, and then to lampshade that, government printed more money than it has in its entire history. The emission of so much money has given us the illusion of a recovery, but you absolutely must remember that one component of Gross Domestic Product is government if the economy contracts by two trillion dollars but government prints two trillion new dollars and sends it to everyone in the form of "economic impact payments", GDP stays the same.

The dollars end up being worth less, though, which is why we saw a producer price index increase of over six percent, which is simply unprecedented in its magnitude.

I said, in an earlier post, that the chip shortage did not make a lot of sense to me. It still does not; but I've been reading a lot of stories about major integrated circuit manufacturers planning to build huge new facilities here-there-everywhere...and lots of those places are not Taiwan, which is where something like 75% of the world's chip fabs are currently.

Something is going on with semiconductor supply. Something is going on with containerized cargo rates. Our government is not giving us the straight dope, but I don't have anything other than a suspicion, so it's not like I can point to facts and say, "This is why!" I only know that it did not start--whatever "it" is--until after the Biden regime was installed.

* * *

I simply have not been playing WoW that much.

Too busy--I come home from work and get involved in projects, and the next thing I know the sun is setting at it's 9 PM. And of course I need to get to bed for work the next day, so no staying up late and playing, either.

You might recall that I had intended to follow such a paradigm last year; I didn't really get there. This year I seem to be doing it more by osmosis than through any real intent.

Tonight's BP is 137/74, which is not at all bad for a fat guy--but over the past week, when I've bent over, I got lightheaded after straightening. I seem to have a constant slight headache, not quite subliminal but enough to make me feel a little sick and tired.

Anyway I'm gonna clean the cat boxes and go to bed, I think.

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