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#7706: My bodge worked??

So I got the motor mounted to the mountain bike, and then I installed the muffler and the carb, and got the controls installed. It's starting to look like more than a cheap mountain bike.

I was really surprised that the makeshift spacers worked, and flawlessly at that. The engine controls are mounted, and I don't think they'll need much in the way of repositioning.

My big worry is the clutch cable. It's looking like it's going to pass through where the float bowl for the carb is. I'm looking at the clutch lever on the motor, and thinking about how to modify it so that I can run the cable underneath the carb. I haven't run the clutch cable yet, so who knows?

The motor is pretty firmly mounted. I don't believe it will move. If it does, I'll have to bodge together a shim, somehow, to keep it in place. But so far, it looks good.

The gas tank goes on top of the horizontal bar, but I was thinking it might look better to make a different gas tank to fit up by the frame head. But I can do that at my leisure.

The only other real problem I see is that the exhaust pipe is going to cook the paint right off the diagonal bar from the frame head, unless I modify it, somehow.

Carb has a dead simple choke--it's just a little semaphore-shaped bit with a hole in the middle that is flipped over the carb throat with a lever. There appears to be a little primer on the side of the carb. Two screws, then, one for idle speed and one for mixture. It's a motorcycle-style carb, with the barrel that's lifted by the throttle cable and a tapered needle that goes down into the main jet. Also dead simple.

I did not really spend a lot of time on the thing this evening, either; I think I spent less time on it than I did Tuesday night.

So the next thing to do, really, is to install the control cables and hook them up, and install the ignition coil and wire it in, and get the chain on. I'm not thinking it's going to take a terribly long time, unless I run into some snag I can't see from here, which is eminently possible. Still, considering the price of the kit, it's amazingly well-engineered, even if the clutch does turn out to need some modification. I suppose that's because this is a Chinese knock-off of some other product.

So over the weekend, perhaps, I'll do some more work on it, and we'll see how things turn out.

* * *

Today was pretty much a rainy day. It didn't really rain all that much--I did hear a couple of rumbles while I was at work--but it was constantly dripping, even so. It's humid now (dewpoint in the upper 60s) so I'm not opening any windows and we're going to run the AC tonight. Thanks to a largely sunless day and a cool, dry night last night, it's comfortable inside without running the AC, but it's not sleeping comfortable.

* * *

So, we took the defective pool back last night, and tonight--like the fool with the bandaged finger--we ordered another one. We'll see how we do.

* * *

Sarah Hoyt wrote, which is a bit hard to read since she's footnoted it heavily. This is one of them:
...[T]he blue model can't go on. Their ultimate model, communism, has shown what it is almost half a century ago, and we're running out of denial. And people are getting angry. It's not a coincidence the FICUS wants to nuke us. They know. In fact, they'd never have cheated this blatantly or done the crazy things they imposed on us for a year and a half if they weren't terrified out of their corrupt little minds.
Footnotes in an on-line document are stupid because you have to stop reading, scroll all the way down, read the footnote, then scroll all the way back.

But it's still worth reading.

Intrepid Reporter again discusses what will happen if the democrats try to take away our guns or to otherwise seize total power. I don't think he wants this to happen any more than I do (because I really do not want) but he's being extremely realistic about what will happen if the feds were to pull that trigger.

As I've been saying: they can't win, but they can make the entire country suffer egregious agony the whole time they are losing. That's why I was begging the democrats, in November, to drop it and just own up to the fraud and throw the appropriate people under the bus. The problem is, they think they're smarter than anyone in history, and they think they can politick their way out of the scrape they're in. But they can't.

* * *

Morons are saying that the condo building in Florida collapsed due to "beach erosion caused by global warming". That's horseshit, of course. Could be a sinkhole (not global warming, sorry) because Florida is largely a big sand bar, but no one knows anything right now and it's sheer idiocy to try to ascribe a cause to the disaster at this point.

Not that such considerations ever stop the morons in the media.

* * *

Anyway, it's Thursday night. Garbage night.

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