atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#770: And it's about time!

Don't hire illegals. This really isn't all that hard a concept for most people to understand, so why do we permit it? If you let people hire illegal immigrants, then all the minimum wage laws in the world won't actually increase anyone's standard of living.

Pity it's just in Arizona.

This is an article from 2002 which discusses the rates of pedophilia among homosexuals as opposed to the rates among "straights". I'm not going to say anything; just look at it.

I got the link from this article about a Canadian activist who is being silenced by the Canadian court system.

Better than happiness? An interesting discussion of how you can be happier--a bit extra-heavy on the religion for my taste, but interesting.

December 8 was "International Pretend to be a Time-Traveler Day". And I missed it. Well, let me fire up the old time machine....

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