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Holy crap. It's rained and rained and rained, and it's still so humid outside you could make sandwiches from the freaking air.

Well, I've got one more day of work this week, anyway.

* * *

Sarah Hoyt makes this oh-so-excellent point:
.... The important thing is not to be happy. The important thing is to be useful for something....


...the problem with that maxim is when you take it out of the [reality] of trying to shape your own character. Or of course when you take it to excess. ... When you take it to excess, you'll torture yourself trying to be useful, get upset when you have to take a day off because you're sick/tired/depressed, and generally treat yourself like crap. Maybe it's better than being useless, but speaking for a friend--a very close and personal friend who shares the space behind my eyes--you'd have to look at it from outside. Because being a neurotic mess who routinely fails at self-care has its own price.
Here's the thing: I work full time. I have a job which requires that I leave the house and go to a place where I work on things all day long. When I get home from work, sometimes it is good to change clothes and go outside and work my ass off doing other things, like cutting the grass or rebuilding the cupola or whatever.

But NOT ALL THE TIME. Not every day.

This business of being upset with myself for not accomplishing X and Y and Z--when I've just finished putting in an 8-hour day fixing computers--is bad for me.

Is it good that I can throw off the fatigue and work on stuff when I need to? Absolutely. But that doesn't mean I should do so every last damned day, or else get mad at myself if I haven't accomplished something.

Y'know, other than the work that pays my bills, and feeds and clothes me.

The emphasis here is on need. Do I need to go outside and finish assembling the bike? No. Do I want to? Yes. Can it wait until cooler weather? Sure--so why punish myself for not getting it done? Why dump on myself because I choose not to sweat my motherfucking ass off in 100% humidity, when the dewpoint is going to be twenty degrees lower in two days?

Having a work ethic is a good thing. But you don't need to take it to an extreme. You have the right to relax after working all day.

* * *

The office of the vice president is reportedly a shitshow. Of course the vp's chief of staff is talking it up like it's some kind of virtue to be a shitfest:
"We are not making rainbows and bunnies all day. What I hear is that people have hard jobs and I'm like 'welcome to the club,'" [chief of staff] Sanders continued. "We have created a culture where people, if there is anything anyone would like to raise, there are avenues for them to do so. Whoever has something they would like to raise, they should raise it directly."

Harris and Flournoy's defenders are pulling the race card--saying that "Black women in particular--are subjected to standards that men often don't have to clear. A tough and demanding office environment may be seen as a virtue for one and a sign of disorder and lack of leadership acumen for another."
I'm not sure what they're trying to say, there; are they saying that men are incapable of handling "a tough and demanding office environment", or are they saying that the detractors aren't, or what?

All I know is, the vice president is primarily a ceremonial position. He's spare parts--"in case of emergency, break glass"--though the vp's role in the senate is kind of a carve-out from that. Why is the office of the vp doing anything, including "making rainbows and bunnies"?

I'd bet that the shitty work environment is that way from the top down.

* * *

The American media is the least-trusted media in the world. It has spent the entire time since Obama's candidacy in 2008 earning that distinction.

Rotten Chestnuts made the point well:
Everyone on this side of the aisle has compared CNN, MSDNC, Fox News, et al to Pravda, but that's actually a real slander on the Bolshies' professionalism. Even at its worst, Pravda wouldn't put out the kind of ham-handed shit our "news" organizations do. Not even a drunken junior sub-editor in the ass end of Siberia would make up stuff that bad. It's the kind of thing a sixth grader would crank out the day it's due on the ride to school. On the short bus.
My favorite example is when the media had a brief (one-day) tizzy over Trump getting two scoops of ice cream when everyone eating with him only got one, but that's because it's the most ridiculous example.

Then they wonder why no one's listening.

* * *

So, apparently sushi has changed greatly. The original is fermented. Wow. "Funazushi", it's called.

* * *

I was at the far offsite today, and needed to go to a different building, only it had chosen that moment to MONSOON, so I had to sit and wait for the rain to slacken, else I would have gotten completely f-ing soaked.

* * *

I've started giving some thought to building a smaller case for Achernar. I'd like something more compact and decorative.

* * *

My week is 75% over, anyway.

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