atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7718: STUPID

Olympic athlete fails a drug test. Dumbest thing you can do is to use any kind of narcotic when you know you're subject to taking a drug test and your entire future as an athlete hinges on whether or not you pass that drug test.

Plus side, she's not blaming anyone but herself for this.

* * *

I love how news stories always use Bequerels when talking about radioactivity. "30,000 Bq per kg" it says, but what it does not say is what the natural radioactivity is.

In the human body, Potassium 40 is the biggest radionuclide and it accounts for about 72 Bq per kg, though, so if we use that as a benchmark we can see that the boars are about 5,000 times more radioactive than uncontaminated animals are.

...and it doesn't seem to bother them very much.

* * *

Sarah Hoyt discusses those who would seize total power over us:
...their terror has nothing to do with a group of people they knew were inoffensive and set up for a fall. It has to do with the reason they felt the need to set up a fake "attack" at all. Because they are scared. They are terrified. Despite their philosophy that tells them they can't lose, they know their loss is inevitable, and are insanely, haphazardly, in a panic, trying to delay it. When each attempt backfires, the panic and the double vision increases.
It ain't gonna be pretty and they're going to make it hurt the entire time they're losing, but they can't win.

* * *

I keep hearing fireworks. Now, why would that be?

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