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#7724: THAT worked. \""

That's the infamous "Hand of Sarcasm" emoticon, there.

$15 at Ace, drill-powered pump, says it can do 160 gallons per hour. I managed to get a trickle from the fucking thing.

So I took the hose I'd hooked to it, and used it to establish a simple siphon into the sump. It took some finagling to get the lower end to dangle over the sump and not the floor, but otherwise I'm just letting Sir Isaac Newton do the pumping for me. Should get the majority of the water out, and the rest I can handle coming out of the tub when I pull the motor.

You see, last night I saw this:

Guy in that video pointed out that the centrifugal switch can get all kinds of crud in it, which will make it stop working. He was talking about rubber dust from the motor-to-transmission coupling, and as soon as he described it I recognized the greasy smeary crap I inevitably have to scrub off my hands every time I open that thing up.

When the washer was in "spin" mode, and I yanked on the string I'd wrapped around its pulley to help it start, the motor started, and the pump started with it--for about a second, and then it stopped again.

I have never had the motor out, never cleaned the contacts in that switch, and there have been decades of belt dust floating around under that thing. I'm thinking that if I replace the capacitor and clean that switch, the washer will work fine again.

The guy in the video further said that those kinds of motors are built "like German trucks" and do not fail, and that people who repair appliances for a living will gladly sell you a new motor (at $200 plus labor) rather than clean and lube the centrifugal switch, which is usually the culprit in these kinds of situations.

I'm hoping that's the case here. I like $11 and labor a hell of a lot better than $600 for a new washer, or even $170 for a new motor and capacitor.

It's not that we can't afford a new washing machine; it's what you get for your money. $600 buys you a machine with literal 3D printed plastic parts all over the place inside it, designed to last just long enough to run out the warranty before they break. Then if you want to repair it instead of replacing it, guess where the parts have to come from, and how much they cost. (Just guess.) I don't want a new washing machine unless I absolutely have no other choice.

But the stupid drill-powered "pump" is going to go back, because it's just junk.

And now I get to go snake out the bathroom sink, because it's plugged up. Such a stimulating life I lead.

On the plus side, this morning while I was showering I had an epiphany: when I stand up, I unconsciously clench the muscles in my lower back, hard, in expectation of pain, and it ends up being a self-fulfilling prophesy--because mirabile visu my back shortly begins to hurt a lot.

So what I did was--while showering--monitored those muscles and consciously relaxed them. No, I can't explain what that means, but when I did, the pain went away.

And believe me, I'll take it.

* * *

Today was pretty annoying, but all that was blown away by my ride home from work, so I guess I can't complain. Bike ran low on fuel so I had to switch to reserve. Cost me nearly $10 to fill up. Thanks, Biden junta!

ADDENDUM: Thank God I tried plunging the sink first. It just unclogged and drained immediately. A tiny win out of an annoying day, but I'll take it.

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