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#7747: Ahh, yes! This is what I needed!

Work today featured me schlepping PCs across the warehouse at the near off-site. Back was feeling dandy this morning; by quitting time, not so much. Plus side, it's muscular. I'll take cyclobenzaprine at bedtime and that will help immensely.

...but I come in here and sit at my computer in my nice new chair, and my back is supported perfectly, and I don't have to sit like I'm sitting on a stool, and I can relax...and my back doesn't hurt.

I replaced two PCs today, trading OptiPlex 790s with Core i3 processors and 4 GB of RAM for OptiPlex 5050s with Core i5 and 8 GB. They will not be astoundingly faster, but the users should notice some improvement. The second one I did required that I walk back and forth across the warehouse to get some files installed, and then I had to do a print driver and fiddle with settings so Word would print labels correctly on the thermal label printer.

Trying to help my boss look good: we're supposed to replace X many Win7 computers with Win10 systems by the end of the year, since Microsoft is ending Win7 support Dec 31; "X many by December" worked out to about 25 per week across all the sites, but because of various problems and other shenanigans we're now at something like 38 per week across all the sites. And of course shit rolls downhill.

Anyway, before leaving my office today, I realized that there were two Win7 systems I could replace, rather than one, and I did it--leaving the near off-site with just two Win7 PCs--both laptops--remaining in the whole facility. That means that further work will probably concentrate on the far offsite. That is its own set of problems, but we'll get there. I've got a sizable stack of systems that I need to do, but I ran out of desktops in May and haven't had any since then. Everyone's backordered!

I hit a major snag with a system I was doing for the far offsite, which is why I decided to use the computer I'd imaged for them at the near off-site. Problem: the far offsite uses an expensive program for making and reading security badges. I looked at the company's web site and you apparently can't just download the software; and even if I could do that, there's no license key that anyone is aware of. I don't have any way to install this software--and they need it for people to be able to get in and out of the buildings on the site. There are two PCs that need to be moved to Win10, and I can't do it until and unless we have that software.

That's an email for Monday, though, that I need to write to the infrastructure guy. The same one who told me--when the badge-making computer's power supply died--"Just replace it with a new one!" Problem 1: no desktops in stock, dude, like I've been saying for six weeks! Which is why I took the power supply from a parts box I had on hand and got the PC running again. But then while trying to get a replacement system going, I discovered Problem 2: Where do I get the badge software?

I went all through the Users folder, looking in each profile there, to see if there were any install packages downloaded. Nope! *sigh*

Anyway, today was a day. Time for bloggeration!

* * *

The Biden regime is out of control. Biden regime wanted to send illegal alien children ("unaccompanied minors") to Tennessee, among other places. Tennessee said, "No," and so the feds just flew them in and bussed them to holding facilities under cover of darkness, utterly ignoring what the state government had to say about it.
Did you hear about the Biden administration trafficking minor children across state lines into Tennessee in the middle of the night, in defiance of the governor's refusal to accept "unaccompanied immigrant" children, after which the administration stonewalled questions raised by Tennessee's Senators. That's bad, right? It got worse....*

In the very early hours of Friday May 14, an airplane landed at Chattanooga's airport. Rather than unload at the terminal used by commercial passengers, its passengers were secretly unloaded at a private terminal, where a waiting bus took the children to La Casa de Sydney shelter in Chattanooga. No official at any city, county, or state level was advised of the incoming flight, but word quickly started leaking out. Three more planes made similar landings over the next few days.

Just a few weeks before, Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee had specifically denied the Biden administration's request to send unaccompanied children to the state, because Lee objected to Biden's open border policy. The Biden team sent the children anyway--under cover of darkness, withholding information along the way.
And the asterisk there is so I can maintain a little suspense over just how it got worse:

"Some of the children were sexually molested when they reached their destination."

This kind of shit is what I mean when I talk about how the Constitution is now no longer in effect. The Biden junta secretly shipping illegal aliens into a state which has refused to accept them used to be the kind of thing that would get a president impeached and removed posthaste. This is just an outright federal nullification of the Tenth Amendment.

Not to mention:
The administration disregarded a governor’s refusal to allow unaccompanied immigrant children to be delivered to his state; the administration acted covertly to hide its actions; the administration refused to provide documentation of its actions in Tennessee to its Congressional delegation; the administration trafficked minor children and surrendered them to sexual predators.
Emphasis mine. Total abrogation of the "checks and balances" rubric.

These is not the actions of a president; they are the actions of a dictator. But we already knew that. And that's why the media are quietly ignoring the story: they know that if this were to become common knowledge, people would riot.

* * *

Illegal aliens now are demanding representation in congress.

They want a "humanitarian" system that "protects undocumented immigrants". In other words, they want the United States to let anyone in, regardless of circumstance.

* * *

So, apparently all those "delta variant" cases of Wuhan Flu are occurring in vaccinated people. It's becoming obvious that the delta variant affects only people who have been vaccinated against the Wuhan Flu.

But delta is not more deadly than alpha, or beta, or gamma. I don't trust the news out of India, especially considering that the media have been caught faking shit all through this mess; I don't think this thing is nearly as deadly as the powers that be want us to believe it is.

I don't buy the "it's a trick to depopulate the world" theory. I think there's something behind this, but not that. I am worried that I may not have escaped whatever it is by taking the J&J vaccine, which is (supposedly) not made using mRNA, so you don't end up with healthy cells expressing spike proteins etcetera.

I guess we'll find out. The hard way.

* * *

Sarah Hoyt explains why being black-pilled about all this is useless despair.

Speaking of how the elites will attempt to seize control, she says:
They'll TRY. Oh, they'll try, because they're stupid and overconfident and basically cultists. BUT like China, they need us more than we need them. They just haven't realized that yet, because people are still in the "putting up with it" phase. Because things aren't bad enough.
Though notice how scared corporations are of CRT indoctrination leaking, or how quickly Coca Cola tried to walk back the "too white" bullshit.

When people have had enough, they've had enough, and outside the fast-emptying big cities, people have just about had enough.
Believe it. Trump was a symptom--and absent the "fortification" of the election, Trump's win would have made Nixon's 1972 landslide election look tepid. A lot of people were really, really angry before the November election. They are not calming down. Why do you think the feds are so afraid? Why do you think they had the Reichstag Insurrection in the first place? Why do you think those people are being held in conditions to which we wouldn't subject islamic terrorists?

* * *

I was thinking, today, about the hillbilly stereotype.

We think of them as stupid hicks, because in the early 20th century the left tried to mobilize them and they said, "Oh, hell no." So the left pilloried them and turned popular culture against them.

Now, think about blacks: the big deal in the 1960s was switching the allegiance of blacks from the republican party to the democrats. Blacks ended up throwing their support, almost entirely, behind the left wing.

What if they hadn't?

I'd bet money that if the blacks had done as the hillbillies had, and said, "No, we're not changing sides," none of the racial slurs--which are taboo in our society--would be beyond the pale. Clarence Thomas would have been denounced as a house...well, you know...rather than just being called an "Uncle Tom" by the left. TV reporters would use those words:

"Today a bunch of [frenchmen] chimped out after a 'not guilty' verdict came back from the trial of [cop who beat Rodney King]. LA is in flames, and Governor [whoever-it-was] has called up the National Guard..."

The landscape would be greatly different.

* * *

So, sitting here, my back muscles have relaxed and now I'm getting that pleasant feeling you get when tired muscles relax and stop hurting, but your brain is still releasing endorphins. Makes me feel all giggly.

This chair has excellent lumbar support.

* * *

Man, it's hot out there.

Finally figured out what was up with the sunlight: wildfires out west. That's why the sky looks the way it does, why the sun is more orange than usual.

Someone was saying that he didn't remember all those wildfires happening when he was young. Well, of course not! In the 1960s--and even as late as the 1970s--people in California were still allowed to clear deadwood out of the forest. Instead of leaving forests to get choked with underbrush and deadwood, the forestry service and logging companies kept things clear, and to make and maintain firebreaks--so when a fire did start, it was a relatively straightforward process to put it out before it could spread.

But now? If you take so much as one stick out of a forest, you get arrested and put on trial and jailed and fined for it.

And in the meantime, the firebreaks filled in, the deadwood and underbrush grew thick, the logging companies weren't allowed to do anything, the forestry servicewais hampered by CARB regulations--and so these days, someone drops a cigarette butt and suddenly half the state is on fire.

Thinking that human stewardship of the forest was anti-ecology, the leftists banned it...and now we have huge wildfires every year.

* * *

Gonna be a hot weekend, and next week doesn't look too comfortable, either. A week from today, though, low 80s again.

Well, that's how it goes.

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